Subject: Trends in Genetics: June 2018 (Volume 34, Issue 6)
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Jun 2018
Vol. 34, Iss. 6



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Table of Contents

Editorial Board and Contents
Scientific Life

Reflections of a Biomedical Scientist on Four Continents in Interdisciplinary Research
Juergen K.V. Reichardt

ALS Genes in the Genomic Era and their Implications for FTD
Hung Phuoc Nguyen, Christine Van Broeckhoven, Julie van der Zee
Open Access
Genetic Villains: Killer Meiotic Drivers
María Angélica Bravo Núñez, Nicole L. Nuckolls, Sarah E. Zanders
Understanding Alzheimer Disease at the Interface between Genetics and Transcriptomics
Jan Verheijen, Kristel Sleegers
Open Access
Cis- and Trans-Modifiers of Repeat Expansions: Blending Model Systems with Human Genetics
Ryan J. McGinty, Sergei M. Mirkin
Perspectives on Glycosylation and Its Congenital Disorders
Bobby G. Ng, Hudson H. Freeze
SMC Complexes: Universal DNA Looping Machines with Distinct Regulators
Marjon S. van Ruiten, Benjamin D. Rowland