Subject: Trends in Ecology & Evolution: June 2018 (Volume 33, Issue 6)
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Jun 2018
Vol. 33, Iss. 6



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Table of Contents

Editorial Board and Contents
Book Review

Dinner with Darwin. Food, Drink, and Evolution
Peter Smithers

Illuminating the Evolution of Iridescence
Thomas E. White

Can Multilayer Networks Advance Animal Behavior Research?
Matthew J. Silk, Kelly R. Finn, Mason A. Porter, Noa Pinter-Wollman

Evolutionary Rates Standardized for Evolutionary Space: Perspectives on Trait Evolution
Gregor Rolshausen, T. Jonathan Davies, Andrew P. Hendry
Trait-Dependent Biogeography: (Re)Integrating Biology into Probabilistic Historical Biogeographical Models
Jeet Sukumaran, L. Lacey Knowles

Is Female Health Cyclical? Evolutionary Perspectives on Menstruation
Alexandra Alvergne, Vedrana Högqvist Tabor
Games as Tools to Address Conservation Conflicts
Steve M. Redpath, Aidan Keane, Henrik Andrén, Zachary Baynham-Herd, Nils Bunnefeld, A. Bradley Duthie, Jens Frank, Claude A. Garcia, Johan Månsson, Lovisa Nilsson, Chris R.J. Pollard, O. Sarobidy Rakotonarivo, Carl F. Salk, Henry Travers
Eco-Evolutionary Genomics of Chromosomal Inversions
Maren Wellenreuther, Louis Bernatchez
Climate Velocity Can Inform Conservation in a Warming World
Isaac Brito-Morales, Jorge García Molinos, David S. Schoeman, Michael T. Burrows, Elvira S. Poloczanska, Christopher J. Brown, Simon Ferrier, Tom D. Harwood, Carissa J. Klein, Eve McDonald-Madden, Pippa J. Moore, John M. Pandolfi, James E.M. Watson, Amelia S. Wenger, Anthony J. Richardson
Beyond R 0 Maximisation: On Pathogen Evolution and Environmental Dimensions
Sébastien Lion, Johan A.J. Metz