Subject: Trends in Genetics : Volume 34, Issue 12
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3D"Cover Trends in Gene= tics
Volume 34, Issue 12, Pages 899-= 990, December 2018

Spec= ial Issue: Gene Expression in Time and Space
Edited by=20

Editorial = Board and Contents =20
Page i
Available Online 20= 18-11-19
Easy Acces= s to and Applications of the Sequences of All Protein-Coding Genes of All S= equenced Mouse Strains =20
Pages 899-902 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-09-19
Steven Timmer= mans, Claude Libert
The Birth = of the 3D Genome during Early Embryonic Development =20
Pages 903-914 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-03
Clemens B. Hu= g, Juan M. Vaquerizas
Rhythms of= the Genome: Circadian Dynamics from Chromatin Topology, Tissue-Specific Ge= ne Expression, to Behavior =20
Pages 915-926 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-08
Jake Yeung, F= elix Naef
Wake-up Sl= eepy Gene: Reactivating Fetal Globin for =CE=B2-Hemoglobinopathies =20
Pages 927-940 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-01
Beeke Wienert= , Gabriella E. Martyn, Alister P.W. Funnell, Kate G.R. Quinlan, Merlin Cros= sley
The Generi= c Facet of Hox Protein Function =20
Pages 941-953 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-09-18
Andrew J. Sau= rin, Marie Claire Delfini, Corinne Maurel-Zaffran, Yacine Graba
Parallels = between Mammalian Mechanisms of Monoallelic Gene Expression =20
Pages 954-971 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-09-11
Ahmed Amine K= hamlichi, Robert Feil
Post-trans= criptional Regulatory Functions of Mammalian Pumilio Proteins =20
Pages 972-990 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-10
Aaron C. Gold= strohm, Traci M. Tanaka Hall, Katherine M. McKenney

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