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On the OUPblog: Why most scientists think birds are dinosaurs - and you should too
Joyce C. Havstad explores the scientific disagreement surrounding the evolutionary origins of birds in a blog post inspired by her article, co-authored with N Adam Smith, Fossils with Feathers and Philosophy of Science
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Systematic Biology  
Volume 68 Issue 5
September 2019
Regular Articles
Marginal Likelihoods in Phylogenetics: A Review of Methods and Applications border=  
Jamie R Oaks; Kerry A Cobb; Vladimir N Minin ; Adam D Leaché
Integration of Anatomy Ontologies and Evo-Devo Using Structured Markov Models Suggests a New Framework for Modeling Discrete Phenotypic Traits border= 
Sergei Tarasov
OSF-Builder: A New Tool for Constructing and Representing Evolutionary Histories Involving Introgression 
Guillaume E Scholz; Andrei-Alin Popescu; Martin I Taylor; Vincent Moulton ; Katharina T Huber
Robust Design for Coalescent Model Inference 
Kris V Parag; Oliver G Pybus
Assessing Combinability of Phylogenomic Data Using Bayes Factors 
Suman Neupane; Karolina Fučíková; Louise A Lewis; Lynn Kuo ; Ming-Hui Chen ...
Using Historical Biogeography Models to Study Color Pattern Evolution 
Chad M Eliason; Michael J Andersen; Shannon J Hackett
The Search for Common Origin: Homology Revisited border= 
Helga Ochoterena; Alexander Vrijdaghs; Erik Smets ; Regine Claßen-Bockhoff
Lack of Signal for the Impact of Conotoxin Gene Diversity on Speciation Rates in Cone Snails 
Mark A Phuong; Michael E Alfaro; Gusti N Mahardika; Ristiyanti M Marwoto ; Romanus Edy Prabowo ...
Priors and Posteriors in Bayesian Timing of Divergence Analyses: The Age of Butterflies Revisited 
Nicolas Chazot; Niklas Wahlberg; André Victor Lucci Freitas; Charles Mitter ; Conrad Labandeira ...
A Third Strike Against Perfect Phylogeny border= 
Leo Van Iersel; Mark Jones; Steven Kelk
Points of View
Strengthening the Interaction of the Virology Community with the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) by Linking Virus Names and Their Abbreviations to Virus Species 
Charles H Calisher; Thomas Briese; J Rodney Brister ; Rémi N Charrel; Ralf Dürrwald ...
Fossils with Feathers and Philosophy of Science border= 
Joyce C Havstad; N Adam Smith
Swapping Birth and Death: Symmetries and Transformations in Phylodynamic Models border=  
Tanja Stadler; Mike Steel
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