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Systematic Biology  
Volume 67 Issue 5
September 2018
Regular Articles
The Biogeography of Deep Time Phylogenetic Reticulation 
Frank T Burbrink; Marcelo Gehara
Evidence that Myotis lucifugus "Subspecies" are Five Nonsister Species, Despite Gene Flow 
Ariadna E Morales; Bryan C Carstens
The Effect of Gene Flow on Coalescent-based Species-Tree Inference 
Colby Long; Laura Kubatko
Modeling Hybridization Under the Network Multispecies Coalescent 
James H Degnan
Phylogenetic Comparative Methods on Phylogenetic Networks with Reticulations 
Paul Bastide ; Claudia Solís-Lemus; Ricardo Kriebel; K William Sparks; Cécile Ané
Software for Systematics and Evolution
HyDe: A Python Package for Genome-Scale Hybridization Detection 
Paul D Blischak; Julia Chifman; Andrea D Wolfe; Laura S Kubatko
Regular Articles
Comparison of Methods for Molecular Species Delimitation Across a Range of Speciation Scenarios border= 
Arong Luo; Cheng Ling ; Simon Y W Ho; Chao-Dong Zhu
Variation Across Mitochondrial Gene Trees Provides Evidence for Systematic Error: How Much Gene Tree Variation Is Biological? 
Emilie J Richards; Jeremy M Brown; Anthony J Barley; Rebecca A Chong; Robert C Thomson
Contemporary Ecological Interactions Improve Models of Past Trait Evolution 
Matthew C Hutchinson; Marília P Gaiarsa ; Daniel B Stouffer
When Darwin's Special Difficulty Promotes Diversification in Insects 
Frédéric Legendre ; Fabien L Condamine
Molecular Phylogeny and Dating Reveal a Terrestrial Origin in the Early Carboniferous for Ascaridoid Nematodes 
Liang Li ; Liang Lü; Steven A Nadler; David I Gibson; Lu-Ping Zhang ...
Software for Systematics and Evolution
Posterior Summarization in Bayesian Phylogenetics Using Tracer 1.7 border= 
Andrew Rambaut; Alexei J Drummond; Dong Xie ; Guy Baele; Marc A Suchard
Points of View
Distinguishing Between Convergent Evolution and Violation of the Molecular Clock for Three Taxa 
Jonathan D Mitchell ; Jeremy G Sumner; Barbara R Holland
Analyzing Contentious Relationships and Outlier Genes in Phylogenomics 
Joseph F Walker; Joseph W Brown; Stephen A Smith
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