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Systematic Biology  
Volume 66 Issue 5
September 2017
Regular Articles
A Phylogenetic, Biogeographic, and Taxonomic study of all Extant Species of Anolis (Squamata; Iguanidae) 
Steven Poe; Adrián Nieto-montes de oca; Omar Torres-carvajal; Kevin De Queiroz ; Julián A. Velasco ...
A Poissonian Model of Indel Rate Variation for Phylogenetic Tree Inference 
Yongliang Zhai ; Bouchard-Côté Alexandre
How Do Cold-Adapted Plants Respond to Climatic Cycles? Interglacial Expansion Explains Current Distribution and Genomic Diversity in Primula farinosa L. 
Spyros Theodoridis; Christophe Randin; Peter szövényi; Florian C. Boucher; Theofania S. Patsiou ...
Different from Trees, more than Metaphors: Branching Silhouettes'Corals, Cacti, and the Oaks 
János Podani
The First Organ-Based Ontology for Arthropods (Ontology of Arthropod Circulatory Systems - OArCS) and its Integration into a Novel Formalization Scheme for Morphological Descriptions 
Christian S. Wirkner; Torben Göpel; Jens Runge; Jonas Keiler ; Bastian-Jesper Klussmann-Fricke ...
More on the Best Evolutionary Rate for Phylogenetic Analysis border= 
Seraina Klopfstein ; Tim Massingham; Nick Goldman
Phylogenomics from Whole Genome Sequences Using aTRAM 
Julie M. Allen ; Bret Boyd; Nam-Phuong Nguyen; Pranjal Vachaspati; Tandy Warnow ...
Species Delimitation with Gene Flow 
Nathan D. Jackson; Bryan C. Carstens; Ariadna E. Morales; Brian C. O'Meara
Dental Data Perform Relatively Poorly in Reconstructing Mammal Phylogenies: Morphological Partitions Evaluated with Molecular Benchmarks border= 
Robert S. Sansom; Matthew Albion Wills; Tamara Williams
Efficient Bayesian Species Tree Inference under the Multispecies Coalescent 
Bruce Rannala; Ziheng Yang
Points of View
Do Macrophylogenies Yield Stable Macroevolutionary Inferences? An Example from Squamate Reptiles 
Pascal O. Title ; Daniel L. Rabosky
Why Do Phylogenomic Data Sets Yield Conflicting Trees? Data Type Influences the Avian Tree of Life more than Taxon Sampling 
Sushma Reddy ; Rebecca T. Kimball; Akanksha Pandey; Peter A. Hosner; Michael J. Braun ...
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