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Systematic Biology  
Volume 66 Issue 2
March 2017
Special Issue: Frontiers in Parametric Biogeography
Society for the Study of Systematic Biology symposium: Frontiers in Parametric Biogeography 
James S. Albert; Alexandre Antonelli
Biogeographic Dating of Speciation Times Using Paleogeographically Informed Processes 
Michael J. Landis
SpeciesGeoCoder: Fast Categorization of Species Occurrences for Analyses of Biodiversity, Biogeography, Ecology, and Evolution border= 
Mats Töpel; Alexander Zizka; Maria Fernanda Calió; Ruud Scharn; Daniele Silvestro ...
Toward a Self-Updating Platform for Estimating Rates of Speciation and Migration, Ages, and Relationships of Taxa border= 
Alexandre Antonelli ; Hannes Hettling; Fabien L. Condamine; Karin Vos; R. Henrik Nilsson ...
Barrier Displacement on a Neutral Landscape: Toward a Theory of Continental Biogeography 
James S. Albert; Donald R. Schoolmaster, JR.; Victor Tagliacollo ; Scott M. Duke-Sylvester
Coordinated Dispersal and Pre-Isthmian Assembly of the Central American Ichthyofauna border= 
Victor A. Tagliacollo ; Scott M. Duke-Sylvester; Wilfredo A. Matamoros; Prosanta Chakrabarty; James S. Albert
Software for Systematics and Evolution
Infomap Bioregions: Interactive Mapping of Biogeographical Regions from Species Distributions border= 
Daniel Edler; Thaís Guedes ; Alexander Zizka; Martin Rosvall; Alexandre Antonelli
Regular Articles
Efficient Detection of Repeating Sites to Accelerate Phylogenetic Likelihood Calculations border=  
K. Kobert; A. Stamatakis; T. Flouri
Phylogenetic Tree Estimation With and Without Alignment: New Distance Methods and Benchmarking 
Marcin Bogusz; Simon Whelan
Who Let the CAT Out of the Bag? Accurately Dealing with Substitutional Heterogeneity in Phylogenomic Analyses 
Nathan V. Whelan; Kenneth M. Halanych
Phylogenomics of Lophotrochozoa with Consideration of Systematic Error 
Kevin M. Kocot; Torsten H. Struck; Julia Merkel; Damien S. Waits ; Christiane Todt ...
Point of View
Displayed Trees Do Not Determine Distinguishability Under the Network Multispecies Coalescent 
Sha Zhu ; James H. Degnan
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