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New Articles in PLOS Genetics

PUBLISHED: April 01, 2017 to April 28, 2017


What is adaptation by natural selection? Perspectives of an experimental microbiologist

Research Articles

Mapping of 79 loci for 83 plasma protein biomarkers in cardiovascular disease

Probing the canonicity of the Wnt/Wingless signaling pathway

Disrupting the cortical actin cytoskeleton points to two distinct mechanisms of yeast [PSI+] prion formation

The Zic family homologue Odd-paired regulates Alk expression in Drosophila

The temporal dynamics of chromosome instability in ovarian cancer cell lines and primary patient samples

Elucidation of the calcineurin-Crz1 stress response transcriptional network in the human fungal pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans

Novel insights into SLC25A46-related pathologies in a genetic mouse model

The time and place of European admixture in Ashkenazi Jewish history

Bovine and murine models highlight novel roles for SLC25A46 in mitochondrial dynamics and metabolism, with implications for human and animal health

TNFa/TNFR2 signaling is required for glial ensheathment at the dorsal root entry zone

Meioc maintains an extended meiotic prophase I in mice

Loss of SLC9A3 decreases CFTR protein and causes obstructed azoospermia in mice

A Wnt-planar polarity pathway instructs neurite branching by restricting F-actin assembly through endosomal signaling

Local neuropeptide signaling modulates serotonergic transmission to shape the temporal organization of C. elegans egg-laying behavior

Psip1/p52 regulates posterior Hoxa genes through activation of lncRNA Hottip

Structured mating: Patterns and implications

The bHLH transcription factor SPATULA enables cytokinin signaling, and both activate auxin biosynthesis and transport genes at the medial domain of the gynoecium

Phenome-wide heritability analysis of the UK Biobank

Fetal de novo mutations and preterm birth

Triplin, a small molecule, reveals copper ion transport in ethylene signaling from ATX1 to RAN1

The evolution of Sex-linked barring alleles in chickens involves both regulatory and coding changes in CDKN2A

Tissue-specific enhancer repression through molecular integration of cell signaling inputs

Xylosylation of the Notch receptor preserves the balance between its activation by trans-Delta and inhibition by cis-ligands in Drosophila

Evidence for the evolutionary steps leading to mecA-mediated beta -lactam resistance in staphylococci

Larval crowding accelerates C. elegans development and reduces lifespan

Transcriptional repression of frequency by the IEC-1-INO80 complex is required for normal Neurospora circadian clock function

VAMP3/Syb and YKT6 are required for the fusion of constitutive secretory carriers with the plasma membrane

Bicaudal C mutation causes myc and TOR pathway up-regulation and polycystic kidney disease-like phenotypes in Drosophila

Gene co-expression network connectivity is an important determinant of selective constraint

Loss of Arf4 causes severe degeneration of the exocrine pancreas but not cystic kidney disease or retinal degeneration

DAF-18/PTEN signals through AAK-1/AMPK to inhibit MPK-1/MAPK in feedback control of germline stem cell proliferation

Parallel reorganization of protein function in the spindle checkpoint pathway through evolutionary paths in the fitness landscape that appear neutral in laboratory experiments

A systematic screen for morphological abnormalities during fission yeast sexual reproduction identifies a mechanism of actin aster formation for cell fusion

Neuronal cell fate specification by the molecular convergence of different spatio-temporal cues on a common initiator terminal selector gene

Crucial role of estrogen for the mammalian female in regulating semen coagulation and liquefaction in vivo

Microhomology-mediated end joining induces hypermutagenesis at breakpoint junctions

The SnRK2 kinases modulate miRNA accumulation in Arabidopsis

The co-existence of transcriptional activator and transcriptional repressor MEF2 complexes influences tumor aggressiveness

Predicting the impact of Lynch syndrome-causing missense mutations from structural calculations

The ESCRT regulator Did2 maintains the balance between long-distance endosomal transport and endocytic trafficking

Three distinct mechanisms of long-distance modulation of gene expression in yeast

Bioenergetic status modulates motor neuron vulnerability and pathogenesis in a zebrafish model of spinal muscular atrophy

Lethality of mice bearing a knockout of the Ngly1-gene is partially rescued by the additional deletion of the Engase gene

Joint genetic analysis using variant sets reveals polygenic gene-context interactions

Discovery and fine-mapping of adiposity loci using high density imputation of genome-wide association studies in individuals of African ancestry: African ancestry anthropometry genetics consortium

Unsuspected osteochondroma-like outgrowths in the cranial base of Hereditary Multiple Exostoses patients and modeling and treatment with a BMP antagonist in mice

GRHL3 binding and enhancers rearrange as epidermal keratinocytes transition between functional states

Genome-wide physical activity interactions in adiposity - A meta-analysis of 200,452 adults

Natural variation of piRNA expression affects immunity to transposable elements

Semaphorin-1a prevents Drosophila olfactory projection neuron dendrites from mis-targeting into select antennal lobe regions

Dysregulation of INF2-mediated mitochondrial fission in SPOP-mutated prostate cancer

Evolutionary history of Tibetans inferred from whole-genome sequencing

Genome-wide association study of red blood cell traits in Hispanics/Latinos: The Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos

Homozygous ARHGEF2 mutation causes intellectual disability and midbrain-hindbrain malformation

WDR23 regulates NRF2 independently of KEAP1


Retraction: Loss of a Conserved tRNA Anticodon Modification Perturbs Plant Immunity


Correction: Rapid evolution of distinct Helicobacter pylori subpopulations in the Americas

Correction: A Year of Infection in the Intensive Care Unit: Prospective Whole Genome Sequencing of Bacterial Clinical Isolates Reveals Cryptic Transmissions and Novel Microbiota

Correction: Gifsy-1 Prophage IsrK with Dual Function as Small and Messenger RNA Modulates Vital Bacterial Machineries

Correction: Functional Constraint Profiling of a Viral Protein Reveals Discordance of Evolutionary Conservation and Functionality


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