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New Articles in PLOS Genetics

PUBLISHED: October 01, 2017 to October 31, 2017


Guidelines for morpholino use in zebrafish


Genetic epidemiology and Mendelian randomization for informing disease therapeutics: Conceptual and methodological challenges

Research Articles

Division-induced DNA double strand breaks in the chromosome terminus region of Escherichia coli lacking RecBCD DNA repair enzyme

Dopamine negatively modulates the NCA ion channels in C. elegans

SNPs near the cysteine proteinase cathepsin O gene (CTSO) determine tamoxifen sensitivity in ERalpha -positive breast cancer through regulation of BRCA1

Genomics of parallel adaptation at two timescales in Drosophila

Role of UHRF1 in de novo DNA methylation in oocytes and maintenance methylation in preimplantation embryos

The creation and selection of mutations resistant to a gene drive over multiple generations in the malaria mosquito

A C-terminally truncated form of beta -catenin acts as a novel regulator of Wnt/beta -catenin signaling in planarians

MiR-125a Is a critical modulator for neutrophil development

The blue light-induced interaction of cryptochrome 1 with COP1 requires SPA proteins during Arabidopsis light signaling

Loss of Xist RNA from the inactive X during B cell development is restored in a dynamic YY1-dependent two-step process in activated B cells

Combinatorial action of Grainyhead, Extradenticle and Notch in regulating Hox mediated apoptosis in Drosophila larval CNS

Environmental perturbations lead to extensive directional shifts in RNA processing

STAT, Wingless, and Nurf-38 determine the accuracy of regeneration after radiation damage in Drosophila

Condensin II and GAIT complexes cooperate to restrict LINE-1 retrotransposition in epithelial cells

dOCRL maintains immune cell quiescence by regulating endosomal traffic

BAK1 is involved in AtRALF1-induced inhibition of root cell expansion

Alx4 relays sequential FGF signaling to induce lacrimal gland morphogenesis

Defective replication initiation results in locus specific chromosome breakage and a ribosomal RNA deficiency in yeast

The homeodomain-interacting protein kinase HPK-1 preserves protein homeostasis and longevity through master regulatory control of the HSF-1 chaperone network and TORC1-restricted autophagy in Caenorhabditis elegans

BBSome function is required for both the morphogenesis and maintenance of the photoreceptor outer segment

Role of Neuropilin-1/Semaphorin-3A signaling in the functional and morphological integrity of the cochlea

Profiling RNA-Seq at multiple resolutions markedly increases the number of causal eQTLs in autoimmune disease

G protein-coupled estrogen receptor regulates embryonic heart rate in zebrafish

Genetic modifiers of muscular dystrophy act on sarcolemmal resealing and recovery from injury

Involvement of DNA mismatch repair in the maintenance of heterochromatic DNA stability in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

RhoGEF9 splice isoforms influence neuronal maturation and synapse formation downstream of alpha 2 GABAA receptors

Rnr1, but not Rnr3, facilitates the sustained telomerase-dependent elongation of telomeres

Functional convergence of histone methyltransferases EHMT1 and KMT2C involved in intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder

The GYF domain protein PSIG1 dampens the induction of cell death during plant-pathogen interactions

A bacterial toxin-antitoxin module is the origin of inter-bacterial and inter-kingdom effectors of Bartonella

Quantifying connectivity between local Plasmodium falciparum malaria parasite populations using identity by descent

AtHKT1 drives adaptation of Arabidopsis thaliana to salinity by reducing floral sodium content

Non-muscle myosin IIB (Myh10) is required for epicardial function and coronary vessel formation during mammalian development

Broadening the functionality of a J-protein/Hsp70 molecular chaperone system

A systems level approach to temporal expression dynamics in Drosophila reveals clusters of long term memory genes

Common, low-frequency, and rare genetic variants associated with lipoprotein subclasses and triglyceride measures in Finnish men from the METSIM study

A dominant-negative mutant inhibits multiple prion variants through a common mechanism

A trehalose biosynthetic enzyme doubles as an osmotic stress sensor to regulate bacterial morphogenesis

Genetic anticipation in Swedish Lynch syndrome families


Correction: Functional significance of rare neuroligin 1 variants found in autism

Correction: Comparative transcriptomes of adenocarcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas reveal molecular similarities that span classical anatomic boundaries

Correction: Chlamydomonas DYX1C1/PF23 is essential for axonemal assembly and proper morphology of inner dynein arms

Correction: The WAGR syndrome gene PRRG4 is a functional homologue of the commissureless axon guidance gene

Correction: mlh3 mutations in baker's yeast alter meiotic recombination outcomes by increasing noncrossover events genome-wide


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