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New Articles in PLOS Computational Biology

PUBLISHED: August 01, 2018 to August 31, 2018


Ten simple rules for measuring the impact of workshops


Interactive implementations of thermodynamics-based RNA structure and RNA'RNA interaction prediction approaches for example-driven teaching

Research Articles

Irrelevance by inhibition: Learning, computation, and implications for schizophrenia

Modeling the impact of changes in day-care contact patterns on the dynamics of varicella transmission in France between 1991 and 2015

The permeation mechanism of organic cations through a CNG mimic channel

Profiling cellular morphodynamics by spatiotemporal spectrum decomposition

Rare-event sampling of epigenetic landscapes and phenotype transitions

A mechanism for bistability in glycosylation

A new dynamic correlation algorithm reveals novel functional aspects in single cell and bulk RNA-seq data

Network-level allosteric effects are elucidated by detailing how ligand-binding events modulate utilization of catalytic potentials

Network supporting contextual fear learning after dorsal hippocampal damage has increased dependence on retrosplenial cortex

Phylogeny-corrected identification of microbial gene families relevant to human gut colonization

Flexible resonance in prefrontal networks with strong feedback inhibition

Modeling subjective relevance in schizophrenia and its relation to aberrant salience

Discerning evolutionary trends in post-translational modification and the effect of intrinsic disorder: Analysis of methylation, acetylation and ubiquitination sites in human proteins

scPipe: A flexible R/Bioconductor preprocessing pipeline for single-cell RNA-sequencing data

SILGGM: An extensive R package for efficient statistical inference in large-scale gene networks

Scaling up data curation using deep learning: An application to literature triage in genomic variation resources

Regulation of Pom cluster dynamics in Myxococcus xanthus

riboWaltz: Optimization of ribosome P-site positioning in ribosome profiling data

Interplay of multiple pathways and activity-dependent rules in STDP

Integration and multiplexing of positional and contextual information by the hippocampal network

Accounting for non-stationarity in epidemiology by embedding time-varying parameters in stochastic models

Characterising seasonal influenza epidemiology using primary care surveillance data

MimicrEE2: Genome-wide forward simulations of Evolve and Resequencing studies

The role of curvature feedback in the energetics and dynamics of lamprey swimming: A closed-loop model

ggsashimi: Sashimi plot revised for browser- and annotation-independent splicing visualization

How ecological feedbacks between human population and land cover influence sustainability

Unraveling the mechanism of the cadherin-catenin-actin catch bond

Exploring of the feature space of de novo developed post-transcriptional riboregulators

Domes and cones: Adhesion-induced fission of membranes by ESCRT proteins

NFTsim: Theory and Simulation of Multiscale Neural Field Dynamics

Lineage space and the propensity of bacterial cells to undergo growth transitions

Inferring hidden structure in multilayered neural circuits

Calcium imaging and dynamic causal modelling reveal brain-wide changes in effective connectivity and synaptic dynamics during epileptic seizures

coTRaCTE predicts co-occurring transcription factors within cell-type specific enhancers

MDHGI: Matrix Decomposition and Heterogeneous Graph Inference for miRNA-disease association prediction

Dorsal anterior cingulate-brainstem ensemble as a reinforcement meta-learner

Identification of excitatory-inhibitory links and network topology in large-scale neuronal assemblies from multi-electrode recordings

General differential Hebbian learning: Capturing temporal relations between events in neural networks and the brain

New methods for computational decomposition of whole-mount in situ images enable effective curation of a large, highly redundant collection of Xenopus images

The low spike density of HIV may have evolved because of the effects of T helper cell depletion on affinity maturation

A simple computer vision pipeline reveals the effects of isolation on social interaction dynamics in Drosophila

Mechanisms of hysteresis in human brain networks during transitions of consciousness and unconsciousness: theoretical principles and empirical evidence

Norepinephrine stimulates glycogenolysis in astrocytes to fuel neurons with lactate

An automated approach to the quantitation of vocalizations and vocal learning in the songbird

Human Pavlovian fear conditioning conforms to probabilistic learning


Correction: Limits on reliable information flows through stochastic populations

Correction: Subgraphs of functional brain networks identify dynamical constraints of cognitive control


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