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Nucleic Acids Research  
Volume 45 Issue 16
19 September 2017
Chemical Biology and Nucleic Acid Chemistry
A synthetic DNA-binding inhibitor of SOX2 guides human induced pluripotent stem cells to differentiate into mesoderm border= 
Junichi Taniguchi; Ganesh N. Pandian; Takuya Hidaka; Kaori Hashiya ; Toshikazu Bando ...
Computational Biology
Hydroxyl-radical footprinting combined with molecular modeling identifies unique features of DNA conformation and nucleosome positioning 
Alexey K. Shaytan; Hua Xiao; Grigoriy A. Armeev; Carl Wu; David Landsman ...
Automatic identification of informative regions with epigenomic changes associated to hematopoiesis border= 
Enrique Carrillo-de-Santa-Pau; David Juan; Vera Pancaldi; Felipe Were; Ignacio Martin-Subero ...
CLIP-seq analysis of multi-mapped reads discovers novel functional RNA regulatory sites in the human transcriptome border= 
Zijun Zhang; Yi Xing
Data Resources and Analyses
Accumulation of histone variant H3.3 with age is associated with profound changes in the histone methylation landscape border= 
Andrey Tvardovskiy; Veit Schw├Ąmmle; Stefan J. Kempf; Adelina Rogowska-Wrzesinska; Ole N. Jensen
A comprehensive, cell specific microRNA catalogue of human peripheral blood border= 
Simonas Juzenas; Geetha Venkatesh; Matthias H├╝benthal; Marc P. Hoeppner ; Zhipei Gracie Du ...
Gene Regulation, Chromatin and Epigenetics
The ribosome assembly gene network is controlled by the feedback regulation of transcription elongation border= 
Fernando G├│mez-Herreros; Thanasis Margaritis; Olga Rodr├şguez-Gal├ín; Vicent Pelechano ; Victoria Begley ...
Identification of multiple roles for histone acetyltransferase 1 in replication-coupled chromatin assembly border= 
Paula A. Agudelo Garcia; Michael E. Hoover; Pei Zhang; Prabakaran Nagarajan; Michael A. Freitas ...
XIAP upregulates expression of HIF target genes by targeting HIF1alpha for Lys63-linked polyubiquitination border= 
Catherine V. Park ; Iglika G. Ivanova; Niall S. Kenneth
Crosstalk between histone modifications indicates that inhibition of arginine methyltransferase CARM1 activity reverses HIV latency border= 
Zheng Zhang; Bryan C. Nikolai; Leah A. Gates; Sung Yun Jung ; Edward B. Siwak ...
Recruitment and delivery of the fission yeast Rst2 transcription factor via a local genome structure counteracts repression by Tup1-family corepressors border= 
Ryuta Asada; Miki Umeda; Akira Adachi; Satoshi Senmatsu; Takuya Abe ...
Regulation of chromatin folding by conformational variations of nucleosome linker DNA border= 
Jenna M. Buckwalter ; Davood Norouzi; Anna Harutyunyan; Victor B. Zhurkin; Sergei A. Grigoryev
Cohesin acetyltransferase Esco2 regulates SAC and kinetochore functions via maintaining H4K16 acetylation during mouse oocyte meiosis border= 
Yajuan Lu ; Xiaoxin Dai; Mianqun Zhang; Yilong Miao; Changyin Zhou ...
A novel requirement for DROSHA in maintenance of mammalian CG methylation border= 
Athanasia Stathopoulou; Jyoti B. Chhetri ; John C. Ambrose; Pierre-Olivier Est├Ęve; Lexiang Ji ...
Genome Integrity, Repair and Replication
Monitoring Replication Protein A (RPA) dynamics in homologous recombination through site-specific incorporation of non-canonical amino acids border= 
Nilisha Pokhrel ; Sofia Origanti; Eric Parker Davenport; Disha Gandhi; Kyle Kaniecki ...
Human DNA polymerase delta double-mutant D316A;E318A interferes with DNA mismatch repair in vitro  border= 
Dekang Liu; Jane H. Frederiksen ; Sascha E. Liberti; Anne L├╝tzen; Guido Keijzers ...
Phosphorylation regulates human poleta stability and damage bypass throughout the cell cycle border= 
Federica Bertoletti; Valentina Cea; Chih-Chao Liang; Taiba Lanati ; Antonio Maffia ...
STN1'POLA2 interaction provides a basis for primase-pol alpha stimulation by human STN1 border= 
Swapna Ganduri; Neal F. Lue
Systematic analysis of DNA crosslink repair pathways during development and aging in Caenorhabditis elegans 
David M. Wilson, III; Matthias Rieckher; Ashley B. Williams; Bj├Ârn Schumacher
A germline-limited piggyBac transposase gene is required for precise excision in Tetrahymena genome rearrangement border= 
Lifang Feng; Guangying Wang ; Eileen P. Hamilton; Jie Xiong; Guanxiong Yan ...
Widespread intra-dependencies in the removal of introns from human transcripts border= 
Seong Won Kim; Allison J. Taggart; Claire Heintzelman; Kamil J. Cygan ; Caitlin G. Hull ...
Molecular Biology
Regulation of HuR structure and function by dihydrotanshinone-I border= 
Preet Lal; Linda Cerofolini; Vito Giuseppe D'Agostino; Chiara Zucal; Carmelo Fuccio ...
Antisense oligonucleotides targeting translation inhibitory elements in 5▓ UTRs can selectively increase protein levels border= 
Xue-hai Liang ; Hong Sun; Wen Shen; Shiyu Wang; Joyee Yao ...
Number of inadvertent RNA targets for morpholino knockdown in Danio rerio is largely underestimated: evidence from the study of Ser/Arg-rich splicing factors border= 
Marine Joris; Marie Schloesser ; Denis Baurain; Marc Hanikenne; Marc Muller ...
Concerted action of two 3▓ cap-independent translation enhancers increases the competitive strength of translated viral genomes border= 
Zhiyou Du; Olga M. Alekhina; Konstantin S. Vassilenko ; Anne E. Simon
Co-produced natural ketolides methymycin and pikromycin inhibit bacterial growth by preventing synthesis of a limited number of proteins border= 
Mashal M. Almutairi; Maxim S. Svetlov; Douglas A. Hansen; Nelli F. Khabibullina; Dorota Klepacki ...
Nucleic Acid Enzymes
UbaLAI is a monomeric Type IIE restriction enzyme border= 
Giedrius Sasnauskas ; Giedr─- Tamulaitien─-; Gintautas Tamulaitis; Jelena ─'aly┼íeva; Migl─- Laime ...
Derivatives of Bst -like Gss-polymerase with improved processivity and inhibitor tolerance border= 
Igor P. Oscorbin; Ekaterina A. Belousova ; Ulyana A. Boyarskikh; Aleksandr I. Zakabunin; Evgeny A. Khrapov ...
Activities of gyrase and topoisomerase IV on positively supercoiled DNA border= 
Rachel E. Ashley; Andrew Dittmore; Sylvia A. McPherson; Charles L. Turnbough, Jr; Keir C. Neuman ...
RNA and RNA-protein complexes
The important conformational plasticity of DsrA sRNA for adapting multiple target regulation border= 
Pengzhi Wu; Xiaodan Liu; Lingna Yang; Yitong Sun ; Qingguo Gong ...
ALYREF mainly binds to the 5▓ and the 3▓ regions of the mRNA in vivo border= 
Min Shi; Heng Zhang; Xudong Wu; Zhisong He; Lantian Wang ...
hnRNP L controls HPV16 RNA polyadenylation and splicing in an Akt kinase-dependent manner border= 
Naoko Kajitani ; Jacob Glahder; Chengjun Wu; Haoran Yu; Kersti Nilsson ...
The conserved AU dinucleotide at the 5▓ end of nascent U1 snRNA is optimized for the interaction with nuclear cap-binding-complex border= 
Chung-Shu Yeh ; Shang-Lin Chang; Jui ş-Hui Chen; Hsuan-Kai Wang; Yue-Chang Chou ...
A structural map of oncomiR-1 at single-nucleotide resolution border= 
Saikat Chakraborty; Yamuna Krishnan
Tuning RNA folding and function through rational design of junction topology border= 
May Daher ; Anthony M. Mustoe; Alex Morriss-Andrews; Charles L. Brooks III; Nils G. Walter
In vivo probing of nascent RNA structures reveals principles of cotranscriptional folding border= 
Danny Incarnato; Edoardo Morandi ; Francesca Anselmi; Lisa M. Simon; Giulia Basile ...
Structural Biology
Crystal structure of an engineered, HIV-specific recombinase for removal of integrated proviral DNA border= 
Gretchen Meinke; Janet Karpinski ; Frank Buchholz; Andrew Bohm
A novel non-canonical PIP-box mediates PARG interaction with PCNA border= 
Tanja Kaufmann; Irina Grishkovskaya; Anton A. Polyansky; Sebastian Kostrhon; Eva Kukolj ...
The fused SnoaL_2 domain in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis sigma factor ¤âJ modulates promoter recognition border= 
Kapil Goutam ; Arvind K. Gupta; Balasubramanian Gopal
Mechanistic insight into how multidrug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii response regulator AdeR recognizes an intercistronic region border= 
Yurong Wen; Zhenlin Ouyang; Yue Yu; Xiaorong Zhou ; Yingmei Pei ...
Synthetic Biology and Bioengineering
Blocking the RecA activity and SOS-response in bacteria with a short alpha -helical peptide border= 
Alexander Yakimov; Georgii Pobegalov; Irina Bakhlanova; Mikhail Khodorkovskii; Michael Petukhov ...
Model-based design of RNA hybridization networks implemented in living cells border= 
Guillermo Rodrigo ; Satya Prakash; Shensi Shen; Eszter Majer; Jos├ę-Antonio Dar├▓s ...
CAF-1-induced oligomerization of histones H3/H4 and mutually exclusive interactions with Asf1 guide H3/H4 transitions among histone chaperones and DNA border= 
Wallace H. Liu ; Sarah C. Roemer; Alex M. Port; Mair E.A. Churchill
A novel requirement for DROSHA in maintenance of mammalian CG methylation border= 
Athanasia Stathopoulou; Jyoti B. Chhetri; John C. Ambrose; Pierre-Olivier Est├Ęve; Lexiang Ji ...
Yeast CAF-1 assembles histone (H3-H4) 2 tetramers prior to DNA deposition border= 
Duane D. Winkler; Hui Zhou; Mohd A. Dar; Zhiguo Zhang; Karolin Luger
Methods Online
Combining asymmetric 13C-labeling and isotopic filter/edit NOESY: a novel strategy for rapid and logical RNA resonance assignment border= 
Regan M. LeBlanc; Andrew P. Longhini; Stuart F.J. Le Grice; Bruce A. Johnson; Theodore K. Dayie
Controlled re-activation of epigenetically silenced Tet promoter-driven transgene expression by targeted demethylation border= 
Natascha G├Âdecke; Lisha Zha; Shawal Spencer; Sara Behme; Pamela Riemer ...
Targeted reconstruction of T cell receptor sequence from single cell RNA-seq links CDR3 length to T cell differentiation state border= 
Shaked Afik; Kathleen B. Yates; Kevin Bi ; Samuel Darko; Jernej Godec ...
Detecting gene subnetworks under selection in biological pathways border= 
Alexandre Gouy; Jos├ęphine T. Daub; Laurent Excoffier
SupeRNAlign: a new tool for flexible superposition of homologous RNA structures and inference of accurate structure-based sequence alignments border= 
Pawe┼é Pi─.tkowski ; Jagoda Jab┼éo┼"ska; Adriana ┼╗y┼éa; Dorota Niedzia┼éek; Dorota Matelska ...
De novo pathway-based biomarker identification border= 
Nicolas Alcaraz; Markus List ; Richa Batra; Fabio Vandin; Henrik J. Ditzel ...
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