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Current Issue of Nature

Current Issue : Nature

Current Issue

Volume 553 Number 7689 pp380-530

25 January 2018

About the cover

The cover shows an artist’s impression of a cancerous cell in which DNA has formed micronuclei as a result of chromosomal instability. As Samuel Bakhoum and his colleagues reveal in this issue, when these micronuclei rupture, they spill exposed DNA into the cytosol (green), which prompts an inflammatory response that helps to drive metastasis. These findings draw a direct link between chromosomal instability and metastasis and may offer novel avenues for prevention. Cover image: Wenjing Wu

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  • Technology to watch in 2018

    Thought leaders reveal the technologies and topics likely totransform life-science research in the year ahead.

    • Kendall Powell

insight: Frontiers in Biology

Insight: Frontiers in Biology



  • Midbrain circuits that set locomotor speed and gait selection

    • V. Caggiano
    • R. Leiras
    • H. Goñi-Erro
    • D. Masini
    • C. Bellardita
    • J. Bouvier
    • V. Caldeira
    • G. Fisone
    • O. Kiehn

    Speed and gait selection in mice are controlled by glutamatergic excitatory neurons in the cuneiform nucleus and the pedunculopontine nucleus, which act in conjunction to select context-dependent locomotor behaviours.

  • α-Klotho is a non-enzymatic molecular scaffold for FGF23 hormone signalling

    • Gaozhi Chen
    • Yang Liu
    • Regina Goetz
    • Lili Fu
    • Seetharaman Jayaraman
    • Ming-Chang Hu
    • Orson W. Moe
    • Guang Liang
    • Xiaokun Li
    • Moosa Mohammadi

    The crystal structure of shed ectodomain of α-klotho bound to the FGFR1c ligand-binding domain and FGF23 unveils the mechanism by which klotho co-receptors promote hormonal FGF signalling.

  • Chromosomal instability drives metastasis through a cytosolic DNA response

    • Samuel F. Bakhoum
    • Bryan Ngo
    • Ashley M. Laughney
    • Julie-Ann Cavallo
    • Charles J. Murphy
    • Peter Ly
    • Pragya Shah
    • Roshan K. Sriram
    • Thomas B. K. Watkins
    • Neil K. Taunk
    • Mercedes Duran
    • Chantal Pauli
    • Christine Shaw
    • Kalyani Chadalavada
    • Vinagolu K. Rajasekhar
    • Giulio Genovese
    • Subramanian Venkatesan
    • Nicolai J. Birkbak
    • Nicholas McGranahan
    • Mark Lundquist
    • Quincey LaPlant
    • John H. Healey
    • Olivier Elemento
    • Christine H. Chung
    • Nancy Y. Lee
    • Marcin Imielenski
    • Gouri Nanjangud
    • Dana Pe’er
    • Don W. Cleveland
    • Simon N. Powell
    • Jan Lammerding
    • Charles Swanton
    • Lewis C. Cantley

    In chromosomally unstable tumour cells, rupture of micronuclei exposes genomic DNA and activates the cGAS–STING cytosolic DNA-sensing pathway, thereby promoting metastasis.


  • An 800-million-solar-mass black hole in a significantly neutral Universe at a redshift of 7.5

    • Eduardo Bañados
    • Bram P. Venemans
    • Chiara Mazzucchelli
    • Emanuele P. Farina
    • Fabian Walter
    • Feige Wang
    • Roberto Decarli
    • Daniel Stern
    • Xiaohui Fan
    • Frederick B. Davies
    • Joseph F. Hennawi
    • Robert A. Simcoe
    • Monica L. Turner
    • Hans-Walter Rix
    • Jinyi Yang
    • Daniel D. Kelson
    • Gwen C. Rudie
    • Jan Martin Winters

    Observations of a quasar at redshift 7.54, when the Universe was just five per cent of its current age, suggest that the Universe was significantly neutral at this epoch.

  • Orbital misalignment of the Neptune-mass exoplanet GJ 436b with the spin of its cool star

    • Vincent Bourrier
    • Christophe Lovis
    • Hervé Beust
    • David Ehrenreich
    • Gregory W. Henry
    • Nicola Astudillo-Defru
    • Romain Allart
    • Xavier Bonfils
    • Damien Ségransan
    • Xavier Delfosse
    • Heather M. Cegla
    • Aurélien Wyttenbach
    • Kevin Heng
    • Baptiste Lavie
    • Francesco Pepe

    Mapping the three-dimensional trajectory of a Neptune-mass exoplanet across the disk of its cool star reveals that its orbit is nearly perpendicular to the stellar equator, implying the existence of a yet-undetected outer companion planet.

  • A photophoretic-trap volumetric display

    • D. E. Smalley
    • E. Nygaard
    • K. Squire
    • J. Van Wagoner
    • J. Rasmussen
    • S. Gneiting
    • K. Qaderi
    • J. Goodsell
    • W. Rogers
    • M. Lindsey
    • K. Costner
    • A. Monk
    • M. Pearson
    • B. Haymore
    • J. Peatross

    Photophoretic optical trapping of cellulose particles and persistence of vision are used to produce real-space volumetric images that can be viewed from all angles, in geometries unachievable by holograms and light-field technologies.

  • Structures of β-klotho reveal a ‘zip code’-like mechanism for endocrine FGF signalling

    • Sangwon Lee
    • Jungyuen Choi
    • Jyotidarsini Mohanty
    • Leiliane P. Sousa
    • Francisco Tome
    • Els Pardon
    • Jan Steyaert
    • Mark A. Lemmon
    • Irit Lax
    • Joseph Schlessinger

    Crystal structures of free and ligand-bound β-klotho reveal that it acts as a primary receptor for FGF21, and demonstrate how a sugar-cutting enzyme has evolved to become a receptor for hormones that regulate metabolic processes.

  • Regulation of embryonic haematopoietic multipotency by EZH1

    • Linda T. Vo
    • Melissa A. Kinney
    • Xin Liu
    • Yuannyu Zhang
    • Jessica Barragan
    • Patricia M. Sousa
    • Deepak K. Jha
    • Areum Han
    • Marcella Cesana
    • Zhen Shao
    • Trista E. North
    • Stuart H. Orkin
    • Sergei Doulatov
    • Jian Xu
    • George Q. Daley

    The production of haematopoietic stem cells is repressed during early mammalian embryogenesis by an epigenetic mechanism that involves the action of the Polycomb protein EZH1.

  • Clonal evolution mechanisms in NT5C2 mutant-relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

    • Gannie Tzoneva
    • Chelsea L. Dieck
    • Koichi Oshima
    • Alberto Ambesi-Impiombato
    • Marta Sánchez-Martín
    • Chioma J. Madubata
    • Hossein Khiabanian
    • Jiangyan Yu
    • Esme Waanders
    • Ilaria Iacobucci
    • Maria Luisa Sulis
    • Motohiro Kato
    • Katsuyoshi Koh
    • Maddalena Paganin
    • Giuseppe Basso
    • Julie M. Gastier-Foster
    • Mignon L. Loh
    • Renate Kirschner-Schwabe
    • Charles G. Mullighan
    • Raul Rabadan
    • Adolfo A. Ferrando

    Mutations in the nucleotidase-encoding gene NT5C2 drive chemotherapy resistance in relapsed acute lymphoid leukaemia but the mutations also lead to a loss-of-fitness phenotype and to collateral drug sensitivity, which could be exploited for therapy.

  • A Myc enhancer cluster regulates normal and leukaemic haematopoietic stem cell hierarchies

    • Carsten Bahr
    • Lisa von Paleske
    • Veli V. Uslu
    • Silvia Remeseiro
    • Naoya Takayama
    • Stanley W. Ng
    • Alex Murison
    • Katja Langenfeld
    • Massimo Petretich
    • Roberta Scognamiglio
    • Petra Zeisberger
    • Amelie S. Benk
    • Ido Amit
    • Peter W. Zandstra
    • Mathieu Lupien
    • John E. Dick
    • Andreas Trumpp
    • François Spitz

    A blood enhancer cluster forms a highly combinatorial system that allows precise control of Myc expression across normal and leukaemic haematopoietic stem-cell hierarchies.

  • Atomic structure of the eukaryotic intramembrane RAS methyltransferase ICMT

    • Melinda M. Diver
    • Leanne Pedi
    • Akiko Koide
    • Shohei Koide
    • Stephen B. Long

    The X-ray structure of the integral membrane protein isoprenylcysteine carboxyl methyltransferase suggests mechanisms by which it recognizes both water-soluble and membrane-bound reactants to catalyze the methylation of RAS and other CAAX proteins at the membrane-cytosol interface.




  • Erratum: Observation of the hyperfine spectrum of antihydrogen

    • M. Ahmadi
    • B. X. R. Alves
    • C. J. Baker
    • W. Bertsche
    • E. Butler
    • A. Capra
    • C. Carruth
    • C. L. Cesar
    • M. Charlton
    • S. Cohen
    • R. Collister
    • S. Eriksson
    • A. Evans
    • N. Evetts
    • J. Fajans
    • T. Friesen
    • M. C. Fujiwara
    • D. R. Gill
    • A. Gutierrez
    • J. S. Hangst
    • W. N. Hardy
    • M. E. Hayden
    • C. A. Isaac
    • A. Ishida
    • M. A. Johnson
    • S. A. Jones
    • S. Jonsell
    • L. Kurchaninov
    • N. Madsen
    • M. Mathers
    • D. Maxwell
    • J. T. K. McKenna
    • S. Menary
    • J. M. Michan
    • T. Momose
    • J. J. Munich
    • P. Nolan
    • K. Olchanski
    • A. Olin
    • P. Pusa
    • C. Ø. Rasmussen
    • F. Robicheaux
    • R. L. Sacramento
    • M. Sameed
    • E. Sarid
    • D. M. Silveira
    • S. Stracka
    • G. Stutter
    • C. So
    • T. D. Tharp
    • J. E. Thompson
    • R. I. Thompson
    • D. P. van der Werf
    • J. S. Wurtele