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Current Issue of Nature

Current Issue : Nature

Current Issue

Volume 548 Number 7668 pp371-494

24 August 2017

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Rapid triggering of neurotransmitter release by action potentials requires that synaptic vesicles are primed for fast fusion with the presynaptic membrane, but the molecular basis of vesicle priming has been unclear. An interaction between the SNARE complex and the protein synaptotagmin-1 has already been identified as part of the process. In this week’s issue, Axel Brunger and colleagues complete the picture with crystal structures of a primed pre-fusion complex consisting of the SNARE complex (green, red and blue) and the protein complexin (yellow) and a second synaptotagmin-1 molecule (violet). This complex includes a newly revealed tripartite SNARE–complexin–synaptotagmin-1 interface that primes and locks the complex ready for action. Action-potential-driven calcium ions bind to the two synaptotagmin-1 proteins to unlock the complex and trigger membrane fusion on a sub-millisecond timescale. Cover image: Eric Smith, Jeremy Leitz and Qiangjun Zhou

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    • A long journey to reproducible results

      Replicating our work took four years and 100,000 worms but brought surprising discoveries, explain Gordon J. Lithgow, Monica Driscoll and Patrick Phillips.

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    • Evolution: Darwin's domestic discoveries

      Henry Nicholls relishes a book on how the biologist's home became a lab for dazzling experimentation.

      • Review of Darwin's Backyard: How Small Experiments Led to a Big Theory
        James T. Costa
    • Conservation: The great US land grab

      Kierán Suckling extols a study of looming threats to the country's publicly owned territory.

      • Review of Grand Canyon for Sale: Public Lands Versus Private Interests in the Era of Climate Change
        Stephen Nash
    • Space science: Voyager at 40

      Alexandra Witze applauds a documentary on the twin NASA probes as they sail out of the Solar System.

      • Review of The Farthest
        Emer Reynolds








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    outline: Critical limb ischaemia

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    • A randomized synbiotic trial to prevent sepsis among infants in rural India

      • Pinaki Panigrahi
      • Sailajanandan Parida
      • Nimai C. Nanda
      • Radhanath Satpathy
      • Lingaraj Pradhan
      • Dinesh S. Chandel
      • Lorena Baccaglini
      • Arjit Mohapatra
      • Subhranshu S. Mohapatra
      • Pravas R. Misra
      • Rama Chaudhry
      • Hegang H. Chen
      • Judith A. Johnson
      • J. Glenn Morris
      • Nigel Paneth
      • Ira H. Gewolb

      A synbiotic preparation of Lactobacillus plantarum and fructooligosaccharide was found to significantly reduce sepsis and infections of the lower respiratory tract in a trial involving newborns from rural India.

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    • Correction of a pathogenic gene mutation in human embryos

      • Hong Ma
      • Nuria Marti-Gutierrez
      • Sang-Wook Park
      • Jun Wu
      • Yeonmi Lee
      • Keiichiro Suzuki
      • Amy Koski
      • Dongmei Ji
      • Tomonari Hayama
      • Riffat Ahmed
      • Hayley Darby
      • Crystal Van Dyken
      • Ying Li
      • Eunju Kang
      • A.-Reum Park
      • Daesik Kim
      • Sang-Tae Kim
      • Jianhui Gong
      • Ying Gu
      • Xun Xu
      • David Battaglia
      • Sacha A. Krieg
      • David M. Lee
      • Diana H. Wu
      • Don P. Wolf
      • Stephen B. Heitner
      • Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte
      • Paula Amato
      • Jin-Soo Kim
      • Sanjiv Kaul
      • Shoukhrat Mitalipov

      CRISPR–Cas9 genome editing is used to induce a DNA repair response and correct a disease-causing heterozygous mutation in human embryos with reduced mosaicism and preferential repair using the wild-type copy of the gene.

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    • The primed SNARE–complexin–synaptotagmin complex for neuronal exocytosis

      • Qiangjun Zhou
      • Peng Zhou
      • Austin L. Wang
      • Dick Wu
      • Minglei Zhao
      • Thomas C. Südhof
      • Axel T. Brunger

      An atomic model of the primed pre-fusion SNARE–complexin–synaptotagmin-1 complex in neuronal exocytosis accounting for vesicle priming and cooperation in synchronizing and activating evoked release on the sub-millisecond timescale.