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Current Issue of Nature

Current Issue : Nature

Current Issue

Volume 544 Number 7648 pp5-132

6 April 2017

About the cover

The swirling lines in the cover image reveal the instantaneous direction of air flow induced by a mosquito’s flapping wings. Richard Bomphrey and his colleagues show that the remarkably high wingbeat frequencies and shallow stroke amplitudes used by mosquitoes lead to novel aerodynamic mechanisms. Like most insects, the mosquito generates lift from leading-edge vortices, but this is augmented by trailing-edge vortices, which capture energy left over from previous wingbeats. This exquisitely timed rotational mechanism may explain the unusually high aspect ratio of mosquito wings, as it allows the insect to maximize the aerodynamic force along their wingspan. Cover image: Toshiyuki Nakata.

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  • Label the limits of forensic science

    This week marks a chance to curb the misuse of crime-scene evidence in US courts and spare innocent people from going to jail, says Robin Mejia.

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        Books and Arts

        • Migration: Refugee economics

          Heaven Crawley questions a call for enterprise zones as a solution to forced migration.

          • Review of Refuge: Transforming a Broken Refugee System
            Alexander Betts & Paul Collier
        • Medical history: A surgeon for all seasons

          Tilli Tansey extols a biography of the radical who gave his name to Parkinson's disease.

          • Review of The Enlightened Mr. Parkinson: The Pioneering Life of a Forgotten English Surgeon
            Cherry Lewis
        • New in Paperback

          Highlights of this season's releases.

          • Review of Drones and the Future of Armed Conflict: Ethical, Legal, and Strategic Implications, Stem Cell Dialogues, The Genius of Birds, The Worst of Times, The Logician and the Engineer, Into the Heart of Our World, Heavenly Mathematics, From Dust to Life, The Eternal Darkness, One in a Billion, The Age of Genomes, Unravelling Starlight and Black Hole Blues
            David Cortright, Rachel Fairhurst, Kristen Wall, Sheldon Krimsky, Jennifer Ackerman, Paul B. Wignall, Paul J. Nahin, David Whitehouse, Glen Van Brummelen, John Chambers, Jacqueline Mitton, Robert D. Ballard, Will Hively, Mark Johnson, Kathleen Gallagher, Steven Monroe Lipkin, Jon Luoma, Barbara J. Becker & Janna Levin
        • Energy: Muscle, steam and combustion

          Roger Fouquet applauds Vaclav Smil's vast survey of the technologies powering human progress.

          • Review of Energy and Civilization: A History
            Vaclav Smil
        • Philanthropy: The politics of giving

          Anne-Emanuelle Birn reviews a survey of the new megaphilanthropy and its impact.

          • Review of The Givers: Wealth, Power, and Philanthropy in a New Gilded Age
            David Callahan
        • Meteorology: Weather makers

          Jim Fleming assesses a history of US governmental intervention in the atmosphere.

          • Review of Make It Rain: State Control of the Atmosphere in Twentieth-Century America
            Kristine C. Harper





        • A growing phobia

          If you are terrified to meet with your supervisor, start with small doses, says Eleftherios Diamandis.

          • Eleftherios Diamandis

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        • Myeloid progenitor cluster formation drives emergency and leukaemic myelopoiesis

          • Aurélie Hérault
          • Mikhail Binnewies
          • Stephanie Leong
          • Fernando J. Calero-Nieto
          • Si Yi Zhang
          • Yoon-A Kang
          • Xiaonan Wang
          • Eric M. Pietras
          • S. Haihua Chu
          • Keegan Barry-Holson
          • Scott Armstrong
          • Berthold Göttgens
          • Emmanuelle Passegué

          During emergency myelopoiesis in mice, clusters of self-renewing granulocyte/macrophage progenitors (GMP) are transiently formed in the bone marrow cavity to produce a burst of myeloid cells; in leukaemia, GMP clusters persist and constantly generate myeloid leukaemia cells.

        • 3D structures of individual mammalian genomes studied by single-cell Hi-C

          • Tim J. Stevens
          • David Lando
          • Srinjan Basu
          • Liam P. Atkinson
          • Yang Cao
          • Steven F. Lee
          • Martin Leeb
          • Kai J. Wohlfahrt
          • Wayne Boucher
          • Aoife O’Shaughnessy-Kirwan
          • Julie Cramard
          • Andre J. Faure
          • Meryem Ralser
          • Enrique Blanco
          • Lluis Morey
          • Miriam Sansó
          • Matthieu G. S. Palayret
          • Ben Lehner
          • Luciano Di Croce
          • Anton Wutz
          • Brian Hendrich
          • Dave Klenerman
          • Ernest D. Laue

          A chromosome conformation capture method in which single cells are first imaged and then processed enables intact genome folding to be studied at a scale of 100 kb, validated, and analysed to generate hypotheses about 3D genomic interactions and organisation.

        • Complex pectin metabolism by gut bacteria reveals novel catalytic functions

          • Didier Ndeh
          • Artur Rogowski
          • Alan Cartmell
          • Ana S. Luis
          • Arnaud Baslé
          • Joseph Gray
          • Immacolata Venditto
          • Jonathon Briggs
          • Xiaoyang Zhang
          • Aurore Labourel
          • Nicolas Terrapon
          • Fanny Buffetto
          • Sergey Nepogodiev
          • Yao Xiao
          • Robert A. Field
          • Yanping Zhu
          • Malcolm A. O’Neill
          • Breeanna R. Urbanowicz
          • William S. York
          • Gideon J. Davies
          • D. Wade Abbott
          • Marie-Christine Ralet
          • Eric C. Martens
          • Bernard Henrissat
          • Harry J. Gilbert

          The hierarchical deconstruction of the complex pectic glycan rhamnogalacturonan-II by the human gut bacterium Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron reveals seven new families of glycoside hydrolases and three catalytic functions not previously observed.

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        • A massive, quiescent galaxy at a redshift of 3.717

          • Karl Glazebrook
          • Corentin Schreiber
          • Ivo Labbé
          • Themiya Nanayakkara
          • Glenn G. Kacprzak
          • Pascal A. Oesch
          • Casey Papovich
          • Lee R Spitler
          • Caroline M. S. Straatman
          • Kim-Vy H. Tran
          • Tiantian Yuan

          A massive ancient galaxy with minimal star formation is observed spectroscopically at an epoch when the Universe is less than 2 billion years old, posing a challenge to theories.

        • Continuous-wave lasing in colloidal quantum dot solids enabled by facet-selective epitaxy

          • Fengjia Fan
          • Oleksandr Voznyy
          • Randy P. Sabatini
          • Kristopher T. Bicanic
          • Michael M. Adachi
          • James R. McBride
          • Kemar R. Reid
          • Young-Shin Park
          • Xiyan Li
          • Ankit Jain
          • Rafael Quintero-Bermudez
          • Mayuran Saravanapavanantham
          • Min Liu
          • Marek Korkusinski
          • Pawel Hawrylak
          • Victor I. Klimov
          • Sandra J. Rosenthal
          • Sjoerd Hoogland
          • Edward H. Sargent

          By switching shell growth on and off on the (0001) facet of wurtzite CdSe cores to produce a built-in biaxial strain that lowers the optical gain threshold, we achieve continuous-wave lasing in colloidal quantum dot films.

        • Low-temperature hydrogen production from water and methanol using Pt/α-MoC catalysts

          • Lili Lin
          • Wu Zhou
          • Rui Gao
          • Siyu Yao
          • Xiao Zhang
          • Wenqian Xu
          • Shijian Zheng
          • Zheng Jiang
          • Qiaolin Yu
          • Yong-Wang Li
          • Chuan Shi
          • Xiao-Dong Wen
          • Ding Ma

          As an alternative vehicle fuel, hydrogen can be generated in situ from methanol and water—a process that is shown here to occur under mild conditions using a catalyst that comprises platinum atomically dispersed on an α-molybdenum carbide substrate.

        • Cerebellar granule cells encode the expectation of reward

          • Mark J. Wagner
          • Tony Hyun Kim
          • Joan Savall
          • Mark J. Schnitzer
          • Liqun Luo

          A sizable fraction of granule cells convey information about the expectation of reward, with different populations responding to reward delivery, anticipation and omission, with some responses evolving over time with learning.

        • The lung is a site of platelet biogenesis and a reservoir for haematopoietic progenitors

          • Emma Lefrançais
          • Guadalupe Ortiz-Muñoz
          • Axelle Caudrillier
          • Beñat Mallavia
          • Fengchun Liu
          • David M. Sayah
          • Emily E. Thornton
          • Mark B. Headley
          • Tovo David
          • Shaun R. Coughlin
          • Matthew F. Krummel
          • Andrew D. Leavitt
          • Emmanuelle Passegué
          • Mark R. Looney

          Direct imaging of the lung microcirculation in mice indicates that it is a major site of mature platelet production from megakaryocytes.