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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 36 Issue 9
September 2019
Genetic Affinities among Southern Africa Hunter-Gatherers and the Impact of Admixing Farmer and Herder Populations border= 
Mário Vicente ; Mattias Jakobsson; Peter Ebbesen; Carina M Schlebusch
Molecular Evolution in Large Steps'Codon Substitutions under Positive Selection 
Qingjian Chen; Ziwen He; Ao Lan; Xu Shen ; Haijun Wen ...
Limits to Compensatory Mutations: Insights from Temperature-Sensitive Alleles 
Katarzyna Tomala; Piotr Zrebiec; Daniel L Hartl
Unprecedented Parallel Photosynthetic Losses in a Heterotrophic Orchid Genus border=  
Craig F Barrett; Brandon T Sinn; Aaron H Kennedy
The Legacy of Sexual Ancestors in Phenotypic Variability, Gene Expression, and Homoeolog Regulation of Asexual Hybrids and Polyploids border= 
OldÅ™ich BartoÅ¡ ; Jan Röslein; Jan Kotusz; Jan Paces; Ladislav Pekárik ...
Multiple Independent Recruitment of Sodefrin Precursor-Like Factors in Anuran Sexually Dimorphic Glands 
Franky Bossuyt; Lisa M Schulte; Margo Maex; Sunita Janssenswillen; Polina Yu Novikova ...
Human Migration and the Spread of the Nematode Parasite Wuchereria bancrofti 
Scott T Small; Frédéric Labbé; Yaya I Coulibaly; Thomas B Nutman ; Christopher L King ...
Intraspecific Variation in Microsatellite Mutation Profiles in Daphnia magna border=  
Eddie K H Ho; Fenner Macrae; Leigh C Latta, IV ; Maia J Benner; Cheng Sun ...
Protein Melting Temperature Cannot Fully Assess Whether Protein Folding Free Energy Underlies the Universal Abundance'Evolutionary Rate Correlation Seen in Proteins 
Rostam M Razban
Many Options, Few Solutions: Over 60 My Snakes Converged on a Few Optimal Venom Formulations border=  
Agneesh Barua; Alexander S Mikheyev
Ancestral Admixture Is the Main Determinant of Global Biodiversity in Fission Yeast border=  
Sergio Tusso; Bart P S Nieuwenhuis; Fritz J Sedlazeck ; John W Davey; Daniel C Jeffares ...
Operon Concatenation Is an Ancient Feature That Restricts the Potential to Rearrange Bacterial Chromosomes border=  
Gerrit Brandis; Sha Cao; Diarmaid Hughes
The Birth and Death of Toxins with Distinct Functions: A Case Study in the Sea Anemone Nematostella border=  
Maria Y Sachkova; Shir A Singer; Jason Macrander ; Adam M Reitzel; Steve Peigneur ...
The Impact of Protein Architecture on Adaptive Evolution border= 
Ana Filipa Moutinho; Fernanda Fontes Trancoso; Julien Yann Dutheil
Variation in Recombination Rate Is Shaped by Domestication and Environmental Conditions in Barley border=  
Steven Dreissig; Martin Mascher; Stefan Heckmann
Robust Estimation of Recent Effective Population Size from Number of Independent Origins in Soft Sweeps border= 
Bhavin S Khatri; Austin Burt
Shared Signature Dynamics Tempered by Local Fluctuations Enables Fold Adaptability and Specificity border=  
She Zhang; Hongchun Li; James M Krieger ; Ivet Bahar
A Fast Likelihood Method to Reconstruct and Visualize Ancestral Scenarios border=  
Sohta A Ishikawa; Anna Zhukova; Wataru Iwasaki ; Olivier Gascuel
Modeling Structural Constraints on Protein Evolution via Side-Chain Conformational States border=  
Umberto Perron; Alexey M Kozlov; Alexandros Stamatakis ; Nick Goldman; Iain H Moal
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