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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 34 Issue 10
October 2017
Inferring Past Environments from Ancient Epigenomes border= 
David Gokhman; Anat Malul; Liran Carmel
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Complex Patterns of Admixture across the Indonesian Archipelago border= 
Georgi Hudjashov; Tatiana M. Karafet ; Daniel J. Lawson; Sean Downey; Olga Savina ...
Isoform Evolution in Primates through Independent Combination of Alternative RNA Processing Events border= 
Shi-Jian Zhang; Chenqu Wang; Shouyu Yan; Aisi Fu ; Xuke Luan ...
Rapid and Parallel Adaptive Evolution of the Visual System of Neotropical Midas Cichlid Fishes 
Julián Torres-Dowdall ; Michele E.R. Pierotti; Andreas Härer; Nidal Karagic; Joost M. Woltering ...
Deciphering the Genic Basis of Yeast Fitness Variation by Simultaneous Forward and Reverse Genetics 
Calum J. Maclean; Brian P.H. Metzger; Jian-Rong Yang ; Wei-Chin Ho; Bryan Moyers ...
Recruitment of a Lineage-Specific Virulence Regulatory Pathway Promotes Intracellular Infection by a Plant Pathogen Experimentally Evolved into a Legume Symbiont 
Delphine Capela; Marta Marchetti; Camille Clérissi; Anthony Perrier; Dorian Guetta ...
Adaptive Patterns of Mitogenome Evolution Are Associated with the Loss of Shell Scutes in Turtles 
Tibisay Escalona; Cameron J. Weadick; Agostinho Antunes
Pneumococcal Capsule Synthesis Locus cps as Evolutionary Hotspot with Potential to Generate Novel Serotypes by Recombination border= 
Rafał J. Mostowy; Nicholas J. Croucher ; Nicola De Maio; Claire Chewapreecha; Susannah J. Salter ...
Small RNA Activity in Archeological Barley Shows Novel Germination Inhibition in Response to Environment border= 
Oliver Smith; Sarah A. Palmer; Alan J. Clapham; Pamela Rose; Yuan Liu ...
Using Viral Gene Sequences to Compare and Explain the Heterogeneous Spatial Dynamics of Virus Epidemics 
Simon Dellicour ; Rebecca Rose; Nuno Rodrigues Faria; Luiz Fernando Pereira Vieira; Hervé Bourhy ...
Genetic History of Xinjiang's Uyghurs Suggests Bronze Age Multiple-Way Contacts in Eurasia 
Qidi Feng; Yan Lu; Xumin Ni; Kai Yuan ; Yajun Yang ...
In Planta Recapitulation of Isoprene Synthase Evolution from Ocimene Synthases border= 
Mingai Li; Jia Xu; Alberto Algarra Alarcon; Silvia Carlin; Enrico Barbaro ...
Experimental Support That Natural Selection Has Shaped the Latitudinal Distribution of Mitochondrial Haplotypes in Australian Drosophila melanogaster 
M. Florencia Camus ; Jonci N. Wolff; Carla M. Sgrò; Damian K. Dowling
Genomics of Adaptation Depends on the Rate of Environmental Change in Experimental Yeast Populations 
Florien A. Gorter; Martijn F.L. Derks; Joost van den Heuvel; Mark G.M. Aarts ; Bas J. Zwaan ...
Impact of Recombination on the Base Composition of Bacteria and Archaea 
Louis-Marie Bobay ; Howard Ochman
Global Dosage Compensation Is Ubiquitous in Lepidoptera, but Counteracted by the Masculinization of the Z Chromosome border= 
Ann Kathrin Huylmans; Ariana Macon; Beatriz Vicoso
Accelerated Evolution and Functional Divergence of the Dim Light Visual Pigment Accompanies Cichlid Colonization of Central America 
Frances E. Hauser; Katriina L. Ilves; Ryan K. Schott; Gianni M. Castiglione ; Hernán López-Fernández ...
Genome-Wide Analysis of Colonization History and Concomitant Selection in Arabidopsis lyrata 
Tiina M. Mattila ; Jaakko Tyrmi; Tanja Pyhäjärvi; Outi Savolainen
Artificial Selection Response due to Polygenic Adaptation from a Multilocus, Multiallelic Genetic Architecture 
Yanjun Zan; Zheya Sheng; Mette Lillie; Lars Rönnegård ; Christa F. Honaker ...
The Influence of Polyploidy on the Evolution of Yeast Grown in a Sub-Optimal Carbon Source border= 
Amber L. Scott; Phillip A. Richmond; Robin D. Dowell; Anna M. Selmecki
Archaic Hominin Introgression in Africa Contributes to Functional Salivary MUC7 Genetic Variation border= 
Duo Xu; Pavlos Pavlidis ; Recep Ozgur Taskent; Nikolaos Alachiotis; Colin Flanagan ...
Phenetic Comparison of Prokaryotic Genomes Using k-mers border=  
Maxime Déraspe; Frédéric Raymond; Sébastien Boisvert ; Alexander Culley; Paul H. Roy ...
Coming Out of Their Shells: New Study Identifies Energy Metabolism Adaptations Linked to Soft Shell Turtle Evolution border= 
Joseph Caspermeyer
Eat More Chicken: Scientists Hone in on Genetics Behind Chicken Weight Adaptation border= 
Joseph Caspermeyer
When Butterfly Male Sex-Bias Flaps Its Wings border= 
Joseph Caspermeyer
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