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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 35 Issue 11
November 2018
Fast Track
Nature of Long-Range Evolutionary Constraint in Enzymes: Insights from Comparison to Pseudoenzymes with Similar Structures 
Avital Sharir-Ivry; Yu Xia
Bayesian Phylogeography and Pathogenic Characterization of Smallpox Based on HA, ATI, and CrmB Genes border= 
Dillon C Adam; Matthew Scotch ; Chandini Raina MacIntyre
A Dead Gene Walking: Convergent Degeneration of a Clade of MADS-Box Genes in Crucifers 
Andrea Hoffmeier; Lydia Gramzow; Amey S Bhide; Nina Kottenhagen; Andreas Greifenstein ...
Integrative Population and Physiological Genomics Reveals Mechanisms of Adaptation in Killifish 
Reid S Brennan; Timothy M Healy; Heather J Bryant; Man Van La ; Patricia M Schulte ...
Piercing Fishes: Porin Expansion and Adaptation to Hematophagy in the Vampire Snail Cumia reticulata border=  
Marco Gerdol; Manuela Cervelli; Marco Oliverio ; Maria Vittoria Modica
Nonoptimal Gene Expression Creates Latent Potential for Antibiotic Resistance border=  
Adam C Palmer; Remy Chait; Roy Kishony
Nearly Neutral Evolution across the Drosophila melanogaster Genome 
David Castellano; Jennifer James; Adam Eyre-Walker
Cartilaginous Fishes Provide Insights into the Origin, Diversification, and Sexually Dimorphic Expression of Vertebrate Estrogen Receptor Genes 
Grant L Filowitz; Rajendhran Rajakumar; Katherine L O'Shaughnessy ; Martin J Cohn
Genomic Analysis of Picochlorum Species Reveals How Microalgae May Adapt to Variable Environments 
Fatima Foflonker; Devin Mollegard; Meichin Ong; Hwan Su Yoon ; Debashish Bhattacharya
Fe'S Cluster Assembly in Oxymonads and Related Protists border= 
Vojtěch Vacek; Lukáš V F Novák; Sebastian C Treitli ; Petr Táborský; Ivan 'epička ...
Cultural Innovations Influence Patterns of Genetic Diversity in Northwestern Amazonia border=  
Leonardo Arias; Roland Schröder; Alexander Hübner ; Guillermo Barreto; Mark Stoneking ...
A Comprehensive Map of Genetic Variation in the World's Largest Ethnic Group'Han Chinese 
Charleston W K Chiang; Serghei Mangul; Christopher Robles; Sriram Sankararaman
Dual Gene Repertoires for Larval and Adult Shells Reveal Molecules Essential for Molluscan Shell Formation border=  
Ran Zhao; Takeshi Takeuchi; Yi-Jyun Luo ; Akito Ishikawa; Tatsushi Kobayashi ...
Intragenic Meiotic Crossovers Generate Novel Alleles with Transgressive Expression Levels border=  
Sanzhen Liu; James C Schnable; Alina Ott ; Cheng-Ting "Eddy" Yeh; Nathan M Springer ...
High and Variable Rates of Repeat-Mediated Mitochondrial Genome Rearrangement in a Genus of Plants 
Logan W Cole; Wenhu Guo; Jeffrey P Mower; Jeffrey D Palmer
Rapid Divergence of Genome Architectures Following the Origin of an Ectomycorrhizal Symbiosis in the Genus Amanita  border= 
Jaqueline Hess; Inger Skrede ; Maryam Chaib De Mares; Matthieu Hainaut; Bernard Henrissat ...
Phylogeny Estimation by Integration over Isolation with Migration Models border=  
Jody Hey; Yujin Chung; Arun Sethuraman ; Joseph Lachance; Sarah Tishkoff ...
Conditional Approximate Bayesian Computation: A New Approach for Across-Site Dependency in High-Dimensional Mutation'Selection Models 
Simon Laurin-Lemay; Nicolas Rodrigue; Nicolas Lartillot ; Hervé Philippe
sppIDer: A Species Identification Tool to Investigate Hybrid Genomes with High-Throughput Sequencing border= 
Quinn K Langdon; David Peris; Brian Kyle; Chris Todd Hittinger
Host Range and Genetic Plasticity Explain the Coexistence of Integrative and Extrachromosomal Mobile Genetic Elements 
Jean Cury; Pedro H Oliveira; Fernando de la Cruz; Eduardo P C Rocha
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