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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 35 Issue 5
May 2018
The State of Software for Evolutionary Biology border= 
Diego Darriba; Tomáš Flouri; Alexandros Stamatakis; Keith Crandall
Fast Track
Whole-Body Single-Cell Sequencing Reveals Transcriptional Domains in the Annelid Larval Body border= 
Kaia Achim ; Nils Eling; Hernando Martinez Vergara; Paola Yanina Bertucci; Jacob Musser ...
Recently Evolved Tumor Suppressor Transcript TP73-AS1 Functions as Sponge of Human-Specific miR-941 border= 
Haiyang Hu; Jian-Mei Liu ; Zhenyu Hu; Xi Jiang; Xiaode Yang ...
Transgenerationally Precipitated Meiotic Chromosome Instability Fuels Rapid Karyotypic Evolution and Phenotypic Diversity in an Artificially Constructed Allotetraploid Wheat (AADD) border= 
Xiaowan Gou ; Yao Bian; Ai Zhang; Huakun Zhang; Bin Wang ...
Codon Usage Bias in Animals: Disentangling the Effects of Natural Selection, Effective Population Size, and GC-Biased Gene Conversion  
Nicolas Galtier; Camille Roux; Marjolaine Rousselle ; Jonathan Romiguier; Emeric Figuet ...
Transcription-Associated Mutation Promotes RNA Complexity in Highly Expressed Genes'A Major New Source of Selectable Variation border= 
Shengkai Pan; Michael W Bruford; Yusong Wang; Zhenzhen Lin; Zhongru Gu ...
Genomic Evidence of Widespread Admixture from Polar Bears into Brown Bears during the Last Ice Age 
James A Cahill; Peter D Heintzman; Kelley Harris; Matthew D Teasdale; Joshua Kapp ...
Molecular Data Support an Early Shift to an Intermediate-Light Niche in the Evolution of Mammals 
Yang Liu; Hai Chi; Longfei Li; Stephen J Rossiter ; Shuyi Zhang ...
Selection and Neutral Mutations Drive Pervasive Mutability Losses in Long-Lived Anti-HIV B-Cell Lineages border= 
Marcos C Vieira; Daniel Zinder; Sarah Cobey; Ryan Hernandez
Rates of Mutation and Recombination in Siphoviridae Phage Genome Evolution over Three Decades border= 
Anne Kupczok; Horst Neve ; Kun D Huang; Marc P Hoeppner; Knut J Heller ...
Genomic Changes Associated with the Evolutionary Transitions of Nostoc to a Plant Symbiont border= 
Denis Warshan; Anton Liaimer; Eric Pederson; Sea-Yong Kim ; Nicole Shapiro ...
Signatures of Selection on Standing Genetic Variation Underlie Athletic and Navigational Performance in Racing Pigeons 
MaĹ‚gorzata A Gazda ; Pedro Andrade; Sandra Afonso; Jolita DilytÄ-; John P Archer ...
Natural Selection and Origin of a Melanistic Allele in North American Gray Wolves 
Rena M Schweizer; Arun Durvasula; Joel Smith ; Samuel H Vohr; Daniel R Stahler ...
Targeted Sequencing of Venom Genes from Cone Snail Genomes Improves Understanding of Conotoxin Molecular Evolution 
Mark A Phuong; Gusti N Mahardika; Nicolas Vidal
Extended and Continuous Decline in Effective Population Size Results in Low Genomic Diversity in the World's Rarest Hyena Species, the Brown Hyena border=  
Michael V Westbury; Stefanie Hartmann; Axel Barlow ; Ingrid Wiesel; Viyanna Leo ...
Insights into Platypus Population Structure and History from Whole-Genome Sequencing border= 
Hilary C Martin; Elizabeth M Batty; Julie Hussin; Portia Westall ; Tasman Daish ...
Using Genotype Abundance to Improve Phylogenetic Inference border= 
William S DeWitt, III; Luka Mesin; Gabriel D Victora; Vladimir N Minin; Frederick A Matsen, IV ...
Accelerated Estimation of Frequency Classes in Site-Heterogeneous Profile Mixture Models 
Edward Susko; Léa Lincker ; Andrew J Roger; Sergei Kosakovsky Pond
: Population Inference from RADseq Data border=
Milan Malinsky; Emiliano Trucchi; Daniel John Lawson; Daniel Falush ; Naoko Takezaki
Yleaf: Software for Human Y-Chromosomal Haplogroup Inference from Next-Generation Sequencing Data 
Arwin Ralf ; Diego Montiel González; Kaiyin Zhong; Manfred Kayser; Bing Su
First Population-Scale Sequencing Project Explores Platypus History  
Joseph Caspermeyer
Using Whole-Genome Analysis to Home in on Racing Pigeon Performance 
Joseph Caspermeyer
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