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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 35 Issue 6
June 2018
Neutral Theory, Disease Mutations, and Personal Exomes 
Sudhir Kumar; Ravi Patel
Neutral Theory: From Complex Population History to Natural Selection and Sociocultural Phenomena in Human Populations 
Frédéric Austerlitz; Evelyne Heyer
Neutral Theory and the Somatic Evolution of Cancer 
Vincent L Cannataro; Jeffrey P Townsend
Neutral Theory in Cancer Cell Population Genetics 
Atsushi Niida; Watal M Iwasaki; Hideki Innan
Neutral Theory Is the Foundation of Conservation Genetics 
Anne D Yoder; Jelmer W Poelstra; George P Tiley; Rachel C Williams
Neutral Theory and Phenotypic Evolution 
Jianzhi Zhang
Neutral Theory, Transposable Elements, and Eukaryotic Genome Evolution 
Irina R Arkhipova
Neutral Theory, Microbial Practice: Challenges in Bacterial Population Genetics 
Eduardo P C Rocha
Neutral Theory and Rapidly Evolving Viral Pathogens 
Simon D W Frost ; Brittany Rife Magalis; Sergei L Kosakovsky Pond
The Puzzle of HIV Neutral and Selective Evolution 
Thomas Leitner
Neutral Variation in the Context of Selection 
Brian Charlesworth; Deborah Charlesworth
Nonequilibrium Neutral Theory for Hitchhikers 
Yoko Satta; Naoko T Fujito ; Naoyuki Takahata
The Neutral Theory in Light of Natural Selection 
Andrew D Kern ; Matthew W Hahn
Biology Needs Evolutionary Software Tools: Let's Build Them Right border= 
Anton Nekrutenko; Galaxy Team; Jeremy Goecks; James Taylor; Daniel Blankenberg
Shifts in Selective Pressures on Snake Phototransduction Genes Associated with Photoreceptor Transmutation and Dim-Light Ancestry 
Ryan K Schott ; Alexander Van Nynatten; Daren C Card; Todd A Castoe; Belinda S W Chang
The Birth and Death of Olfactory Receptor Gene Families in Mammalian Niche Adaptation border= 
Graham M Hughes; Emma S M Boston ; John A Finarelli; William J Murphy; Desmond G Higgins ...
Evidence of Signaling and Adhesion Roles for beta -Catenin in the Sponge Ephydatia muelleri 
Klaske J Schippers; Scott A Nichols
A Model-Based Approach for Identifying Functional Intergenic Transcribed Regions and Noncoding RNAs 
John P Lloyd; Zing Tsung-Yeh Tsai; Rosalie P Sowers; Nicholas L Panchy ; Shin-Han Shiu
Acceleration of Olfactory Receptor Gene Loss in Primate Evolution: Possible Link to Anatomical Change in Sensory Systems and Dietary Transition 
Yoshihito Niimura; Atsushi Matsui; Kazushige Touhara
An Evaluation of Function of Multicopy Noncoding RNAs in Mammals Using ENCODE/FANTOM Data and Comparative Genomics border= 
Marc P Hoeppner; Elena Denisenko; Paul P Gardner; Sebastian Schmeier ; Anthony M Poole
Multiple Factors Confounding Phylogenetic Detection of Selection on Codon Usage 
Simon Laurin-Lemay ; Hervé Philippe; Nicolas Rodrigue
Phenomenological Load on Model Parameters Can Lead to False Biological Conclusions 
Christopher T Jones; Noor Youssef; Edward Susko; Joseph P Bielawski
Genomics of Parallel Ecological Speciation in Lake Victoria Cichlids 
Joana Isabel Meier; David Alexander Marques; Catherine Elise Wagner ; Laurent Excoffier; Ole Seehausen
Network Analysis of Protein Adaptation: Modeling the Functional Impact of Multiple Mutations border= 
Violeta Beleva Guthrie; David L Masica; Andrew Fraser; Joseph Federico ; Yunfan Fan ...
Detecting Signatures of Positive Selection along Defined Branches of a Population Tree Using LSD border= 
Pablo Librado; Ludovic Orlando
New Methods for Inferring the Distribution of Fitness Effects for INDELs and SNPs border= 
Henry J Barton; Kai Zeng
MEGA X: Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis across Computing Platforms 
Sudhir Kumar; Glen Stecher; Michael Li; Christina Knyaz ; Koichiro Tamura
DAMBE7: New and Improved Tools for Data Analysis in Molecular Biology and Evolution border= 
Xuhua Xia
MitoFish and MiFish Pipeline: A Mitochondrial Genome Database of Fish with an Analysis Pipeline for Environmental DNA Metabarcoding border= 
Yukuto Sato; Masaki Miya; Tsukasa Fukunaga; Tetsuya Sado; Wataru Iwasaki
Chance, Finiteness, and History 
Naruya Saitou
MEGA Software Celebrates Silver Anniversary  
Joseph Caspermeyer
Neutral Theory and the Somatic Evolution of Cancer 
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