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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 34 Issue 6
June 2017
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Inference of Epistatic Effects Leading to Entrenchment and Drug Resistance in HIV-1 Protease border= 
William F. Flynn; Allan Haldane; Bruce E. Torbett; Ronald M. Levy
Selection in Europeans on Fatty Acid Desaturases Associated with Dietary Changes border= 
Matthew T. Buckley; Fernando Racimo ; Morten E. Allentoft; Majken K. Jensen; Anna Jonsson ...
Mitochondrial Mutation Rate, Spectrum and Heteroplasmy in Caenorhabditis elegans Spontaneous Mutation Accumulation Lines of Differing Population Size 
Anke Konrad; Owen Thompson; Robert H. Waterston; Donald G. Moerman; Peter D. Keightley ...
Identification of Highly Divergent Diatom-Derived Chloroplasts in Dinoflagellates, Including a Description of Durinskia kwazulunatalensis sp. nov. (Peridiniales, Dinophyceae) 
Norico Yamada; Stuart D. Sym; Takeo Horiguchi
Structure of the Transcriptional Regulatory Network Correlates with Regulatory Divergence in Drosophila 
Bing Yang; Patricia J. Wittkopp
Contrasting Rates of Molecular Evolution and Patterns of Selection among Gymnosperms and Flowering Plants border= 
Amanda R. De La Torre; Zhen Li; Yves Van de Peer; PĂ€r K. Ingvarsson
The Impact of Native State Switching on Protein Sequence Evolution 
Avital Sharir-Ivry; Yu Xia
Detection of Pathways Affected by Positive Selection in Primate Lineages Ancestral to Humans border= 
J.T. Daub; S. Moretti ; I.I. Davydov; L. Excoffier; M. Robinson-Rechavi
Comparative Sperm Proteomics in Mouse Species with Divergent Mating Systems border= 
Alberto Vicens; Kirill Borziak; Timothy L. Karr; Eduardo R.S. Roldan ; Steve Dorus
Genetic Diversity and the Efficacy of Purifying Selection across Plant and Animal Species 
Jun Chen ; Sylvain Glémin; Martin Lascoux
Convergence of Domain Architecture, Structure, and Ligand Affinity in Animal and Plant RNA-Binding Proteins border= 
Raquel Dias; Austin Manny; Oralia Kolaczkowski; Bryan Kolaczkowski
Recurrent Gene Duplication Leads to Diverse Repertoires of Centromeric Histones in Drosophila Species border= 
Lisa E. Kursel; Harmit S. Malik
Structural History of Human SRGAP2 Proteins border= 
Michael Sporny; Julia Guez-Haddad ; Annett Kreusch; Sivan Shakartzi; Avi Neznansky ...
The Evolutionary Dynamics of Orthologs That Shift in Gene Body Methylation between Arabidopsis Species 
Shohei Takuno; Danelle K. Seymour; Brandon S. Gaut
Evolution of the Genome 3D Organization: Comparison of Fused and Segregated Globin Gene Clusters 
Anastasia P. Kovina; Natalia V. Petrova; Ekaterina S. Gushchanskaya ; Konstantin V. Dolgushin; Evgeny S. Gerasimov ...
Stepwise Evolution of a Buried Inhibitor Peptide over 45 My 
Achala S. Jayasena; Mark F. Fisher; Jose L. Panero; David Secco; Kalia Bernath-Levin ...
Bayesian Analysis of Evolutionary Divergence with Genomic Data under Diverse Demographic Models 
Yujin Chung; Jody Hey
New Statistical Criteria Detect Phylogenetic Bias Caused by Compositional Heterogeneity 
David A. DuchĂȘne; Sebastian DuchĂȘne ; Simon Y.W. Ho
A Critical Review on the Use of Support Values in Tree Viewers and Bioinformatics Toolkits border= 
Lucas Czech; Jaime Huerta-Cepas; Alexandros Stamatakis
BuddySuite: Command-Line Toolkits for Manipulating Sequences, Alignments, and Phylogenetic Trees 
Stephen R. Bond; Karl E. Keat; Sofia N. Barreira; Andreas D. Baxevanis
Rise in Agriculture, Dietary Changes, May Be Linked to Adaptations in Fat Metabolism Seen from Ancient to Modern Europeans 
Joseph Caspermeyer
Principles of 3D Genome Folding and Gene Expression Studied across Species 
Joseph Caspermeyer
Detection of Pathways Affected by Positive Selection in Primate Lineages Ancestral to Humans 
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