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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 34 Issue 7
July 2017
The Multipartite Mitochondrial Genome of Enteromyxum leei (Myxozoa): Eight Fast-Evolving Megacircles 
Dayana Yahalomi; Michal Haddas-Sasson; Nimrod D. Rubinstein; Tamar Feldstein; Arik Diamant ...
Single Cell Transcriptomics, Mega-Phylogeny, and the Genetic Basis of Morphological Innovations in Rhizaria border= 
Anders K. Krabberød ; Russell J.S. Orr; Jon Bråte; Tom Kristensen; Kjell R. Bjørklund ...
Origin and Evolutionary Alteration of the Mitochondrial Import System in Eukaryotic Lineages border= 
Yoshinori Fukasawa; Toshiyuki Oda ; Kentaro Tomii; Kenichiro Imai
Probing the Evolutionary History of Human Bitter Taste Receptor Pseudogenes by Restoring Their Function 
Davide Risso; Maik Behrens; Eduardo Sainz; Wolfgang Meyerhof; Dennis Drayna
Loss of Heterozygosity Drives Adaptation in Hybrid Yeast border= 
Caiti S. Smukowski Heil ; Christopher G. DeSevo; Dave A. Pai; Cheryl M. Tucker; Margaret L. Hoang ...
Antagonistic Coevolution of MER Tyrosine Kinase Expression and Function 
Amanda L. Evans; Jack W.D. Blackburn; Kyle Taruc; Angela Kipp ; Brennan S. Dirk ...
Convergent Balancing Selection on the Mu-Opioid Receptor in Primates 
Carolyn G. Sweeney ; Juliette M. Rando; Helen N. Panas; Gregory M. Miller; Donna M. Platt ...
The Role of DAF-21/Hsp90 in Mouth-Form Plasticity in Pristionchus pacificus  border= 
Bogdan Sieriebriennikov; Gabriel V. Markov ; Hanh Witte; Ralf J. Sommer
The Influence of HIV on the Evolution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis border= 
Anastasia S. Koch; Daniela Brites; David Stucki; Joanna C. Evans; Ronnett Seldon ...
Centromere Destiny in Dicentric Chromosomes: New Insights from the Evolution of Human Chromosome 2 Ancestral Centromeric Region 
Giorgia Chiatante ; Giuliana Giannuzzi; Francesco Maria Calabrese; Evan E. Eichler; Mario Ventura
Gene Tree Discordance Does Not Explain Away the Temporal Decline of Convergence in Mammalian Protein Sequence Evolution 
Zhengting Zou; Jianzhi Zhang
Interspecific Plastome Recombination Reflects Ancient Reticulate Evolution in Picea (Pinaceae) border= 
Alexis R. Sullivan; Bastian Schiffthaler; Stacey Lee Thompson ; Nathaniel R. Street; Xiao-Ru Wang
DNA Methylation Divergence and Tissue Specialization in the Developing Mouse Placenta 
Benjamin E. Decato; Jorge Lopez-Tello; Amanda N. Sferruzzi-Perri; Andrew D. Smith; Matthew D. Dean
Ancient Recombination Events between Human Herpes Simplex Viruses border= 
Sonia Burrel ; David Boutolleau; Diane Ryu; Henri Agut; Kevin Merkel ...
Genome-Wide Identification of the Mutation Underlying Fleece Variation and Discriminating Ancestral Hairy Species from Modern Woolly Sheep border= 
Julie Demars ; Margarita Cano; Laurence Drouilhet; Florence Plisson-Petit; Philippe Bardou ...
A Direct Test of Selection in Cell Populations Using the Diversity in Gene Expression within Tumors 
Chunyan Li; Yali Hou; Jin Xu; Aiqun Zhang; Zhenzhen Liu ...
Primates, Lice and Bacteria: Speciation and Genome Evolution in the Symbionts of Hominid Lice border= 
Bret M. Boyd; Julie M. Allen; Nam-Phuong Nguyen; Pranjal Vachaspati; Zachary S. Quicksall ...
Rapid Genetic Adaptation during the First Four Months of Survival under Resource Exhaustion border= 
Sarit Avrani ; Evgeni Bolotin; Sophia Katz; Ruth Hershberg
Spontaneous Mutation Rate in the Smallest Photosynthetic Eukaryotes border= 
Marc Krasovec; Adam Eyre-Walker; Sophie Sanchez-Ferandin; Gwenael Piganeau
Genomic Signature of Kin Selection in an Ant with Obligately Sterile Workers border= 
Michael R. Warner ; Alexander S. Mikheyev; Timothy A. Linksvayer
Defining Functional Genic Regions in the Human Genome through Integration of Biochemical, Evolutionary, and Genetic Evidence 
Zing Tsung-Yeh Tsai; John P. Lloyd; Shin-Han Shiu
PopNet: A Markov Clustering Approach to Study Population Genetic Structure 
Javi Zhang; Asis Khan; Andrea Kennard; Michael E. Grigg ; John Parkinson
TimeTree: A Resource for Timelines, Timetrees, and Divergence Times 
Sudhir Kumar ; Glen Stecher; Michael Suleski; S. Blair Hedges
Herpes STDs: From Chimps to Humans to Cold Sore Cousin Mixing Before Worldwide Spread 
Joseph Caspermeyer
So Sheep May Safely Graze: Honing in on Culprit behind Fleece Variation in Domesticated Sheep 
Joseph Caspermeyer
HIV Coinfection Influences Natural Selection on Myobacterium tuberculosis 
Joseph Caspermeyer
Next Generation TimeTree: An Expanded History of Life on Earth at Your Fingertips 
Joseph Caspermeyer
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