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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 36 Issue 1
January 2019
MBE Citation Classics (2019 Edition) 
Sudhir Kumar
Fast Track
Extreme Lewontin's Paradox in Ubiquitous Marine Phytoplankton Species 
Dmitry A Filatov
On the Regulatory Evolution of New Genes Throughout Their Life History 
Jia-Yu Zhang; Qi Zhou
The Origin of a New Sex Chromosome by Introgression between Two Stickleback Fishes border= 
Groves Dixon; Jun Kitano ; Mark Kirkpatrick
Functional Conservation of a Developmental Switch in Mammals since the Jurassic Age 
Jayati Mookerjee-Basu; Xiang Hua; Lu Ge; Emmanuelle Nicolas ; Qin Li ...
As Blind as a Bat? Opsin Phylogenetics Illuminates the Evolution of Color Vision in Bats border=  
Bruno F Simões; Nicole M Foley; Graham M Hughes ; Huabin Zhao; Shuyi Zhang ...
Functional Consequences of the Evolution of Matrimony, a Meiosis-Specific Inhibitor of Polo Kinase border=  
Amanda M Bonner; R Scott Hawley
Phylotranscriptomic Insights into the Diversification of Endothermic Thunnus Tunas border=  
Adam G Ciezarek; Owen G Osborne; Oliver N Shipley ; Edward J Brooks; Sean R Tracey ...
Recombination and Large Structural Variations Shape Interspecific Edible Bananas Genomes border=  
Franc-Christophe Baurens; Guillaume Martin; Catherine Hervouet ; Frédéric Salmon; David Yohomé ...
Evolution of Portulacineae Marked by Gene Tree Conflict and Gene Family Expansion Associated with Adaptation to Harsh Environments 
Ning Wang; Ya Yang; Michael J Moore; Samuel F Brockington; Joseph F Walker ...
Changes in Biological Pathways During 6,000 Years of Civilization in Europe 
Evgeny Chekalin; Alexandr Rubanovich; Tatiana V Tatarinova; Artem Kasianov ; Nicole Bender ...
A Polygenic Genetic Architecture of Flowering Time in the Worldwide Arabidopsis thaliana Population 
Yanjun Zan; Örjan Carlborg
Loss of Gene Body Methylation in Eutrema salsugineum Is Associated with Reduced Gene Expression border=  
Aline Muyle; Brandon S Gaut
Genome-Wide Regulatory Adaptation Shapes Population-Level Genomic Landscapes in Heliconius border=  
James J Lewis; Robert D Reed
Tanglegrams Are Misleading for Visual Evaluation of Tree Congruence 
Damien M de Vienne
Detection of Shared Balancing Selection in the Absence of Trans-Species Polymorphism border=  
Xiaoheng Cheng; Michael DeGiorgio
Just How Blind Are Bats? Color Vision Gene Study Examines Key Sensory Tradeoffs 
Joseph Caspermeyer
Society Reports
A Report by the Editor-in-Chief for Molecular Biology and Evolution (MBE), Volume 34 
Sudhir Kumar
Treasurer's Report for Financial Year (FY) 2017: Prepared by Jeffrey L. Thorne, SMBE Treasurer (2018'present) and Juliette de Meaux, SMBE Treasurer (2015'2017) 
Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, Council and Business Meetings, 2018, Yokohama, Japan border= 
David D Pollock
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