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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 35 Issue 2
February 2018
Multiple Innovations in Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms Cooperate to Underpin Human Brain Evolution 
Mainá Bitar; Guy Barry
Fast Track
Interdependence, Reflexivity, Fidelity, Impedance Matching, and the Evolution of Genetic Coding border= 
Charles W Carter, Jr; Peter R Wills
Whole-Genome Sequencing of African Dogs Provides Insights into Adaptations against Tropical Parasites 
Yan-Hu Liu; Lu Wang; Tao Xu; Xiaomin Guo ; Yang Li ...
The Paleo-Indian Entry into South America According to Mitogenomes border= 
Stefania Brandini; Paola Bergamaschi; Marco Fernando Cerna; Francesca Gandini; Francesca Bastaroli ...
The Rate of Evolution of Postmating-Prezygotic Reproductive Isolation in Drosophila border= 
David A Turissini ; Joseph A McGirr; Sonali S Patel; Jean R David; Daniel R Matute
Effects of Demographic History on the Detection of Recombination Hotspots from Linkage Disequilibrium border=  
Amy L Dapper; Bret A Payseur
Horizontal Transfer of Non-LTR Retrotransposons from Arthropods to Flowering Plants border= 
Dongying Gao; Ye Chu ; Han Xia; Chunming Xu; Karolina Heyduk ...
Evolutionary Epigenomics of Retrotransposon-Mediated Methylation Spreading in Rice border= 
Jae Young Choi; Michael D Purugganan
Mode and Rate of Evolution of Haemosporidian Mitochondrial Genomes: Timing the Radiation of Avian Parasites border=  
M Andreína Pacheco; Nubia E Matta; Gediminas ValkiĆ«nas ; Patricia G Parker; Beatriz Mello ...
Reciprocal Nucleopeptides as the Ancestral Darwinian Self-Replicator border= 
Eleanor F Banwell; Bernard M A G Piette; Anne Taormina; Jonathan G Heddle
Multiple Regulatory Modules Are Required for Scale-to-Feather Conversion 
Ping Wu; Jie Yan; Yung-Chih Lai; Chen Siang Ng ; Ang Li ...
Landscape of DNA Methylation on the Marsupial X 
Shafagh A Waters ; Alexandra M Livernois; Hardip Patel; Denis O'Meally; Jeff M Craig ...
Human-Specific Mutations and Positively Selected Sites in MARCO Confer Functional Changes 
Kyle E Novakowski; Nicholas V L Yap; Charles Yin ; Kaori Sakamoto; Bryan Heit ...
Origin and Evolution of the Bartonella Gene Transfer Agent 
Daniel Tamarit; Minna-Maria Neuvonen; Philipp Engel; Lionel Guy; Siv G E Andersson
Sex Differences in 20-Hydroxyecdysone Hormone Levels Control Sexual Dimorphism in Bicyclus anynana Wing Patterns border= 
Shivam Bhardwaj ; Kathleen L Prudic; Ashley Bear; Mainak Dasgupta; Bethany R Wasik ...
Combination of 247 Genome-Wide Association Studies Reveals High Cancer Risk as a Result of Evolutionary Adaptation border= 
Konstantinos Voskarides
Evaluating Fast Maximum Likelihood-Based Phylogenetic Programs Using Empirical Phylogenomic Data Sets border= 
Xiaofan Zhou; Xing-Xing Shen ; Chris Todd Hittinger; Antonis Rokas
Bayesian Inference of Species Networks from Multilocus Sequence Data border= 
Chi Zhang; Huw A Ogilvie; Alexei J Drummond; Tanja Stadler
UFBoot2: Improving the Ultrafast Bootstrap Approximation border= 
Diep Thi Hoang; Olga Chernomor ; Arndt von Haeseler; Bui Quang Minh; Le Sy Vinh
Scientists Find Evidence Our Best Friends, Dogs, Similarly Adapted to Malaria in Africa 
Joseph Caspermeyer
Finding Their Inner Bird: Using Modern Genomics to Turn Alligator Scales into Birdlike Feathers 
Joseph Caspermeyer
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