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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 35 Issue 12
December 2018
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Secreted Bacterial Adenosine Deaminase Is an Evolutionary Precursor of Adenosine Deaminase Growth Factor 
Maksym Skaldin; Minna Tuittila; Andrey V Zavialov; Anton V Zavialov
Adaptive Evolution of Animal Proteins over Development: Support for the Darwin Selection Opportunity Hypothesis of Evo-Devo border= 
Jialin Liu ; Marc Robinson-Rechavi
Successive Domain Rearrangements Underlie the Evolution of a Regulatory Module Controlled by a Small Interfering Peptide border= 
João Raimundo ; Rómulo Sobral; Sara Laranjeira; Maria Manuela R Costa
Pseudogenes Provide Evolutionary Evidence for the Competitive Endogenous RNA Hypothesis border=  
Cian Glenfield; Aoife McLysaght
Life History Traits Impact the Nuclear Rate of Substitution but Not the Mitochondrial Rate in Isopods 
Nathanaëlle Saclier; Clémentine M François; Lara Konecny-Dupré; Nicolas Lartillot ; Laurent Guéguen ...
Genomic Takeover by Transposable Elements in the Strawberry Poison Frog border=  
Rebekah L Rogers; Long Zhou; Chong Chu ; Roberto Márquez; Ammon Corl ...
A Single Pheromone Receptor Gene Conserved across 400 My of Vertebrate Evolution 
Hikoyu Suzuki; Hidefumi Nishida; Hiro Kondo; Ryota Yoda ; Tetsuo Iwata ...
Integrating Embryonic Development and Evolutionary History to Characterize Tentacle-Specific Cell Types in a Ctenophore border= 
Leslie S Babonis ; Melissa B DeBiasse; Warren R Francis; Lynne M Christianson; Anthony G Moss ...
FADS1 and the Timing of Human Adaptation to Agriculture border= 
Sara Mathieson; Iain Mathieson
Understanding the Factors That Shape Patterns of Nucleotide Diversity in the House Mouse Genome border=  
Tom R Booker; Peter D Keightley
New Insight into Parrots' Mitogenomes Indicates That Their Ancestor Contained a Duplicated Region border=  
Adam Dawid Urantówka; Aleksandra Kroczak; Tony Silva ; Rafael Zamora Padrón; Nuhacet Fernández Gallardo ...
Genomic Analyses of Human European Diversity at the Southwestern Edge: Isolation, African Influence and Disease Associations in the Canary Islands border= 
Beatriz Guillen-Guio ; Jose M Lorenzo-Salazar; Rafaela González-Montelongo; Ana Díaz-de Usera; Itahisa Marcelino-Rodríguez ...
REforge Associates Transcription Factor Binding Site Divergence in Regulatory Elements with Phenotypic Differences between Species border= 
Björn E Langer ; Juliana G Roscito; Michael Hiller
Two Methods for Mapping and Visualizing Associated Data on Phylogeny Using Ggtree 
Guangchuang Yu; Tommy Tsan-Yuk Lam; Huachen Zhu; Yi Guan
Withdrawn as Duplicate: The many nuanced evolutionary consequences of duplicated genes 
Ashley I Teufel; Mackenzie M Johnson; Jon M Laurent; Aashiq H Kachroo; Edward M Marcotte ...
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