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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 34 Issue 12
December 2017
Weak Regulation of Many Targets Is Cumulatively Powerful'An Evolutionary Perspective on microRNA Functionality 
Yixin Zhao; Xu Shen; Tian Tang; Chung-I Wu
Increased Affinity for RNA Targets Evolved Early in Animal and Plant Dicer Lineages through Different Structural Mechanisms border= 
Haiyan Jia; Oralia Kolaczkowski; James Rolland; Bryan Kolaczkowski
Adenine Enrichment at the Fourth CDS Residue in Bacterial Genes Is Consistent with Error Proofing for +1 Frameshifts border= 
Liam Abrahams; Laurence D Hurst
An Evolutionary Genomic Perspective on the Breeding of Dwarf Chickens 
Ming-Shan Wang; Newton O Otecko; Sheng Wang; Dong-Dong Wu ; Min-Min Yang ...
Natural Selection Drives Rapid Functional Evolution of Young Drosophila Duplicate Genes border= 
Xueyuan Jiang; Raquel Assis
Quantity, Not Quality: Rapid Adaptation in a Polygenic Trait Proceeded Exclusively through Expression Differentiation 
Mark J Margres ; Kenneth P Wray; Alyssa T B Hassinger; Micaiah J Ward; James J McGivern ...
A Highly Specific Genome-Wide Association Study Integrated with Transcriptome Data Reveals the Contribution of Copy Number Variations to Specialized Metabolites in Arabidopsis thaliana Accessions 
Kazumasa Shirai; Fumio Matsuda ; Ryo Nakabayashi; Masanori Okamoto; Maho Tanaka ...
Avian Genomes Revisited: Hidden Genes Uncovered and the Rates versus Traits Paradox in Birds 
Fidel Botero-Castro; Emeric Figuet; Marie-Ka Tilak; Benoit Nabholz ; Nicolas Galtier
Diverse Cis-Regulatory Mechanisms Contribute to Expression Evolution of Tandem Gene Duplicates border= 
Luís Baudouin-Gonzalez; Marília A Santos; Camille Tempesta; Élio Sucena; Fernando Roch ...
Rapid Evolution of Genes Involved in Learning and Energy Metabolism for Domestication of the Laboratory Rat 
Lin Zeng; Chen Ming ; Yan Li; Ling-Yan Su; Yan-Hua Su ...
New Insights into the Genetic Basis of Monge's Disease and Adaptation to High-Altitude 
Tsering Stobdan; Ali Akbari; Priti Azad; Dan Zhou; Orit Poulsen ...
Modes of Rapid Polygenic Adaptation 
Kavita Jain; Wolfgang Stephan
Diminishing Returns on Intragenic Repeat Number Expansion in the Production of Signaling Peptides border= 
David W Rogers; Ellen McConnell ; Eric L Miller; Duncan Greig
Sequence and Structural Diversity of Mouse Y Chromosomes 
Andrew P Morgan ; Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena
Evidence for the Selective Basis of Transition-to-Transversion Substitution Bias in Two RNA Viruses border= 
Daniel M Lyons; Adam S Lauring
The Exonization and Functionalization of an Alu-J Element in the Protein Coding Region of Glycoprotein Hormone Alpha Gene Represent a Novel Mechanism to the Evolution of Hemochorial Placentation in Primates 
Haidi Chen; Li Chen; Yune Wu; Hao Shen; Guang Yang ...
Evaluating the Neolithic Expansion at Both Shores of the Mediterranean Sea 
João Pimenta; Alexandra M Lopes; David Comas ; António Amorim; Miguel Arenas
Mutation-Driven Parallel Evolution during Viral Adaptation 
Andrew M Sackman; Lindsey W McGee; Anneliese J Morrison; Jessica Pierce; Jeremy Anisman ...
Genetic Interaction Network as an Important Determinant of Gene Order in Genome Evolution border= 
Yu-Fei Yang ; Wenqing Cao; Shaohuan Wu; Wenfeng Qian
STRIDE: Species Tree Root Inference from Gene Duplication Events border=  
David M Emms; Steven Kelly
Fragmentary Gene Sequences Negatively Impact Gene Tree and Species Tree Reconstruction 
Erfan Sayyari; James B Whitfield; Siavash Mirarab
PhyloNetworks: A Package for Phylogenetic Networks 
Claudia Solís-Lemus; Paul Bastide; Cécile Ané
DnaSP 6: DNA Sequence Polymorphism Analysis of Large Data Sets 
Julio Rozas; Albert Ferrer-Mata ; Juan Carlos Sánchez-DelBarrio; Sara Guirao-Rico; Pablo Librado ...
Statistical Package for Growth Rates Made Easy 
Portia Mira; Miriam Barlow; Juan C Meza; Barry G Hall
Into More Thin Air: Exploring the Adaptation Extremes of Human High Altitude Sickness and Fitness 
Joseph Caspermeyer
Society Reports
A Report by the Editor-in-Chief for MBE, Volume 33 
Sudhir Kumar
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Associate Editors 
SMBE Editors and Council 
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