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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 34 Issue 4
April 2017
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Co-Option and De Novo Gene Evolution Underlie Molluscan Shell Diversity border= 
Felipe Aguilera; Carmel McDougall; Bernard M. Degnan
miRNAs in Ancient Tissue Specimens of the Tyrolean Iceman 
Andreas Keller; Stephanie Kreis; Petra Leidinger; Frank Maixner ; Nicole Ludwig ...
Antibiotic Cycling and Antibiotic Mixing: Which One Best Mitigates Antibiotic Resistance? border= 
Robert Eric Beardmore; Rafael Peña-Miller; Fabio Gori; Jonathan Iredell
Down-Regulation of EPAS1 Transcription and Genetic Adaptation of Tibetans to High-Altitude Hypoxia border= 
Yi Peng; Chaoying Cui ; Yaoxi He; Ouzhuluobu; Hui Zhang ...
Genomics of Parallel Experimental Evolution in Drosophila border= 
J.L. Graves, Jr; K.L. Hertweck; M.A. Phillips; M.V. Han ; L.G. Cabral ...
No Evidence for Phylostratigraphic Bias Impacting Inferences on Patterns of Gene Emergence and Evolution border= 
Tomislav Domazet-Lošo ; Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis; M. Mar Albà; Martin Sebastijan Šestak; Robert Bakarić ...
Rapid Expansion of Immune-Related Gene Families in the House Fly, Musca domestica  border= 
Timothy B. Sackton; Brian P. Lazzaro ; Andrew G. Clark
Novel Candidate Genes Underlying Extreme Trophic Specialization in Caribbean Pupfishes 
Joseph A. McGirr ; Christopher H. Martin
A Working Model of the Deep Relationships of Diverse Modern Human Genetic Lineages Outside of Africa border= 
Mark Lipson; David Reich
Oncogenes without a Neighboring Tumor-Suppressor Gene Are More Prone to Amplification border= 
William K.K. Wu; Xiangchun Li; Xiansong Wang; Rudin Z.W. Dai ; Alfred S.L. Cheng ...
Deleterious Variants in Asian Rice and the Potential Cost of Domestication 
Qingpo Liu; Yongfeng Zhou ; Peter L. Morrell; Brandon S. Gaut
Seed Plant-Specific Gene Lineages Involved in Carpel Development 
Kai C. Pfannebecker; Matthias Lange; Oliver Rupp; Annette Becker
The Origin of Mitochondrial Cristae from Alphaproteobacteria 
Sergio A. Muñoz-Gómez; Jeremy G. Wideman; Andrew J. Roger; Claudio H. Slamovits
Genome Sequencing Reveals the Origin of the Allotetraploid Arabidopsis suecica border= 
Polina Yu. Novikova ; Takashi Tsuchimatsu; Samson Simon; Viktoria Nizhynska; Viktor Voronin ...
The Rice Paradox: Multiple Origins but Single Domestication in Asian Rice border= 
Jae Young Choi; Adrian E. Platts ; Dorian Q. Fuller; Yue-Ie Hsing (邢'依); Rod A. Wing ...
Deciphering the Routes of invasion of Drosophila suzukii by Means of ABC Random Forest border= 
Antoine Fraimout; Vincent Debat; Simon Fellous; Ruth A. Hufbauer ; Julien Foucaud ...
Genomic Infectious Disease Epidemiology in Partially Sampled and Ongoing Outbreaks border= 
Xavier Didelot; Christophe Fraser; Jennifer Gardy; Caroline Colijn
Genome-Wide Convergence during Evolution of Mangroves from Woody Plants 
Shaohua Xu; Ziwen He; Zixiao Guo; Zhang Zhang ; Gerald J. Wyckoff ...
RWTY (R We There Yet): An R Package for Examining Convergence of Bayesian Phylogenetic Analyses 
Dan L. Warren ; Anthony J. Geneva; Robert Lanfear
Arctic Inuit, Native American Adaptations to Cold and Body Fat Distribution May Originate from Extinct Ancient Hominid Interbreeding 
Joseph Caspermeyer
Jawing Away: Bahama Pupfish Study Identifies Candidate Genes Driving Food-Niches 
Joseph Caspermeyer
New Study Provides Research Framework for Tracing Human Migration Events After Out of Africa' Origins 
Joseph Caspermeyer
Shell Game: Understanding Gene Patterns Behind Mollusk Diversity  
Joseph Caspermeyer
Mathematical Modeling Study Shows Why Present Clinical Antibiotic Management Strategies Do Little to Curb Resistance 
Joseph Caspermeyer
Evolution of DNA Methylation across Insects 
Evolution of Rosaceae Fruit Types Based on Nuclear Phylogeny in the Context of Geological Times and Genome Duplication 
Corrigendum Correction to "Novel hydrogenosomes in the microaerophilic jakobid Stygiella incarcerata" 
Michelle M. Leger; Laura Eme; Laura A. Hug; Andrew J. Roger
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