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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 34 Issue 3
01 March 2017
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Archaic Adaptive Introgression in TBX15/WARS2 
Fernando Racimo; David Gokhman; Matteo Fumagalli; Amy Ko; Torben Hansen ...
Possible Roles of New Mutations Shared by Asian and American Zika Viruses border= 
Shozo Yokoyama ; William T. Starmer
Accelerated Evolution of Developmentally Biased Genes in the Tetraphenic Ant Cardiocondyla obscurior border= 
Lukas Schrader; Heikki Helanterä; Jan Oettler
Complex Evolutionary History of the Mammalian Histone H1.1'H1.5 Gene Family border= 
Inma Ponte; Devani Romero; Daniel Yero; Pedro Suau ; Alicia Roque
Genome-Wide Analysis in Brazilians Reveals Highly Differentiated Native American Genome Regions 
Josyf C. Mychaleckyj ; Alexandre Havt; Uma Nayak; Relana Pinkerton; Emily Farber ...
Transition from Environmental to Partial Genetic Sex Determination in Daphnia through the Evolution of a Female-Determining Incipient W Chromosome 
C√©line M.O. Reisser; Dominique Fasel; Evelin H√ľrlimann; Marinela Dukińć ; Cathy Haag-Liautard ...
Mitochondrial Phylogenomics Resolves the Global Spread of Higher Termites, Ecosystem Engineers of the Tropics 
Thomas Bourguignon ; Nathan Lo; Jan ҆obotn√≠k; Simon Y.W. Ho; Naeem Iqbal ...
Complex Admixture Preceded and Followed the Extinction of Wisent in the Wild 
Karolina Wńôcek; Stefanie Hartmann; Johanna L. A. Paijmans; Ulrike Taron; Georgios Xenikoudakis ...
Mitogenomic Phylogeny, Diversification, and Biogeography of South American Spiny Rats 
Pierre-Henri Fabre ; Nathan S. Upham; Louise H. Emmons; Fabienne Justy; Yuri L.R. Leite ...
An Intact Retroviral Gene Conserved in Spiny-Rayed Fishes for over 100 My 
Jamie E. Henzy; Robert J. Gifford; Christopher P. Kenaley ; Welkin E. Johnson
Two-Step Functional Innovation of the Stem-Cell Factors WUS/WOX5 during Plant Evolution border= 
Yuzhou Zhang ; Yue Jiao; Hengwu Jiao; Huabin Zhao; Yu-Xian Zhu
Evolution of DNA Methylation across Insects border= 
Adam J. Bewick; Kevin J. Vogel ; Allen J. Moore; Robert J. Schmitz
Archelosaurian Color Vision, Parietal Eye Loss, and the Crocodylian Nocturnal Bottleneck 
Christopher A. Emerling
Uniparental Inheritance Promotes Adaptive Evolution in Cytoplasmic Genomes 
Joshua R. Christie ; Madeleine Beekman
Secreted Proteins Defy the Expression Level'Evolutionary Rate Anticorrelation 
Felix Feyertag ; Patricia M. Berninsone; David Alvarez-Ponce
The Genetic and Transcriptional Basis of Short and Long Term Adaptation across Multiple Stresses in Escherichia coli 
Violeta Zorraquino; Minseung Kim; Navneet Rai; Ilias Tagkopoulos
The Reliability and Stability of an Inferred Phylogenetic Tree from Empirical Data 
Yukako Katsura; Craig E. Stanley, Jr; Sudhir Kumar ; Masatoshi Nei
Molecular Evolution of Two Distinct dmrt1 Promoters for Germ and Somatic Cells in Vertebrate Gonads 
Shuuji Mawaribuchi ; Masato Musashijima; Mikako Wada; Yumi Izutsu; Erina Kurakata ...
Genomic Analysis Reveals Hypoxia Adaptation in the Tibetan Mastiff by Introgression of the Gray Wolf from the Tibetan Plateau  
Benpeng Miao; Zhen Wang; Yixue Li
Evolutionary History of the Asian Horned Frogs (Megophryinae): Integrative Approaches to Timetree Dating in the Absence of a Fossil Record 
Stephen Mahony; Nicole M. Foley ; S.D. Biju; Emma C. Teeling
PartitionFinder 2: New Methods for Selecting Partitioned Models of Evolution for Molecular and Morphological Phylogenetic Analyses 
Robert Lanfear; Paul B. Frandsen; April M. Wright; Tereza Senfeld; Brett Calcott
Study Finds Key Mechanism within Genomic Region Important for Sex Determination in Vertebrates 
Joseph Caspermeyer
How Cytoplasmic DNA Undergoes Adaptation to Avoid Harmful Mutations  
Joseph Caspermeyer
A Tale of Dog and Man: Tibetan Mastiff Found to Gain High-Altitude Adaptation after Domestication by Interbreeding with the Tibet Gray Wolf 
Joseph Caspermeyer
How Turtles and Crocodiles Lost the Parietal "Third" Eye and Their Differing Color Vision Adaptations 
Joseph Caspermeyer
Mitochondrial Mutation Rate, Spectrum and Heteroplasmy in Caenorhabditis elegans Spontaneous Mutation Accumulation Lines of Differing Population Size 
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