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Mathematical Medicine and Biology: A Journal of the IMA  
Volume 36 Issue 3
September 2019
Models of cytokine dynamics in the inflammatory response of viral zoonotic infectious diseases 
Wenjing Zhang; Sophia Jang; Colleen B Jonsson; Linda J S Allen
Optimal public health intervention in a behavioural vaccination model: the interplay between seasonality, behaviour and latency period 
Bruno Buonomo; Rossella Della Marca; Alberto d'Onofrio
Lattice and continuum modelling of a bioactive porous tissue scaffold 
Andrew L Krause; Dmitry Beliaev; Robert A Van Gorder; Sarah L Waters
Optimal modality selection in external beam radiotherapy 
Sevnaz Nourollahi; Archis Ghate; Minsun Kim
Mathematical modelling of trastuzumab-induced immune response in an in vivo murine model of HER2+ breast cancer 
Angela M Jarrett; Meghan J Bloom; Wesley Godfrey; Anum K Syed ; David A Ekrut ...
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