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Mathematical Medicine and Biology: A Journal of the IMA  
Volume 35 Issue 2
June 2018
On tear film breakup (TBU): dynamics and imaging 
Richard J Braun; Tobin A Driscoll; Carolyn G Begley; P Ewen King-Smith; Javed I Siddique
A stochastic model for tumour control probability that accounts for repair from sublethal damage 
Ana Victoria Ponce Bobadilla; Philip K Maini; Helen Byrne
Early treatment gains for antibiotic administration and within human host time series data 
Todd R Young ; Erik M Boczko
A Two-phase mixture model of platelet aggregation 
Jian Du ; Aaron L Fogelson
Modelling original antigenic sin in dengue viral infection 
Ryan Nikin-Beers ; Stanca M Ciupe
Corrigendum to: A proposed fractional-order Gompertz model and its application to tumour growth data 
Larisse Bolton; Alain H J J Cloot; Schalk W Schoombie; Jacobus P Slabbert
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