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Volume 432, Pages 1-168, 7 November 2017 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 432, Pages 1-168, 7 November 2017

Editorial Board   
Page IFC
Inferring incomplete lineage sorting, duplications, transfers and losses with reconciliations    Original Research Article
Pages 1-13
Yao-ban Chan, Vincent Ranwez, Céline Scornavacca
The aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases had only a marginal role in the origin of the organization of the genetic code: Evidence in favor of the coevolution theory    Original Research Article
Pages 14-24
Massimo Di Giulio
The role of nuclear mechanics in cell deformation under creeping flows    Original Research Article
Pages 25-32
Francisco Serrano-Alcalde, José Manuel García-Aznar, María José Gómez-Benito
A measure to quantify the degree of cooperativity in overall titration curves    Original Research Article
Pages 33-37
Johannes W.R. Martini
Sink or swim? Vertical movement and nutrient storage in phytoplankton    Original Research Article
Pages 38-48
James P. Grover

Graphical abstract

Prediction of interface residue based on the features of residue interaction network    Original Research Article
Pages 49-54
Xiong Jiao, Shoba Ranganathan
A time-space model for the growth of microalgae biofilms for biofuel production    Original Research Article
Pages 55-79
B. Polizzi, O. Bernard, M. Ribot
Highly accurate prediction of protein self-interactions by incorporating the average block and PSSM information into the general PseAAC    Original Research Article
Pages 80-86
Jing-Xuan Zhai, Tian-Jie Cao, Ji-Yong An, Yong-Tao Bian
Heterogeneity in schistosomiasis transmission dynamics    Original Research Article
Pages 87-99
Lorenzo Mari, Manuela Ciddio, Renato Casagrandi, Javier Perez-Saez, Enrico Bertuzzo, Andrea Rinaldo, Susanne H. Sokolow, Giulio A. De Leo, Marino Gatto
Joint parameter estimation in the QTL mapping of ordinal traits    Original Research Article
Pages 100-108
Xiaona Sheng, Yihong Qiu, Ying Zhou, Wensheng Zhu
Mathematical modelling and analysis of the brassinosteroid and gibberellin signalling pathways and their interactions    Original Research Article
Pages 109-131
Henry R. Allen, Mariya Ptashnyk
Competition between injunctive social norms and conservation priorities gives rise to complex dynamics in a model of forest growth and opinion dynamics    Original Research Article
Pages 132-140
Ram P. Sigdel, Madhur Anand, Chris T. Bauch
Multistability in the corticothalamic system    Original Research Article
Pages 141-156
Paula Sanz-Leon, P.A. Robinson
Demographic noise slows down cycles of dominance    Original Research Article
Pages 157-168
Qian Yang, Tim Rogers, Jonathan H.P. Dawes

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