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Volume 434, Pages 1-114, 7 December 2017 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 434, Pages 1-114, 7 December 2017

The origin of mitosing cells: 50th anniversary of a classic paper by Lynn Sagan (Margulis)
Edited by Athel Cornish-Bowden

Editorial Board   
Page IFC
Lynn Margulis and the origin of the eukaryotes   
Page 1
Athel Cornish-Bowden
Physiology, anaerobes, and the origin of mitosing cells 50 years on    Original Research Article
Pages 2-10
William F. Martin
Darwinizing Gaia    Original Research Article
Pages 11-19
W. Ford Doolittle
Symbiosis in eukaryotic evolution    Original Research Article
Pages 20-33
Purificación López-García, Laura Eme, David Moreira

Graphical abstract

Molecular phylogeny, comparative genomics and the exploration of microbial diversity and interactions in the environment converge to support the symbiotic origin of the eukaryotic cell. The first eukaryotes arose by symbiosis of one archaeon and one or several bacteria along a non-fully-elucidated process. Eukaryotic photosynthesis arose by the endosymbiosis of a cyanobacterium in a heterotrophic host and subsequently spread to other eukaryotes via secondary algal endosymbioses.

From endosymbiosis to holobionts: Evaluating a conceptual legacy    Original Research Article
Pages 34-41
Maureen A. O’Malley
On the origin of non-membrane-bound organelles, and their physiological function    Original Research Article
Pages 42-49
Wylie Stroberg, Santiago Schnell

Graphical abstract

The CoRR hypothesis for genes in organelles    Original Research Article
Pages 50-57
John F. Allen

Graphical abstract

Serial endosymbiosis or singular event at the origin of eukaryotes?    Original Research Article
Pages 58-67
Nick Lane
Life before LUCA    Original Research Article
Pages 68-74
Athel Cornish-Bowden, María Luz Cárdenas
Endosymbiosis: The feeling is not mutual    Original Research Article
Pages 75-79
Patrick J. Keeling, John P. McCutcheon
On the origin of mitosing cells: A historical appraisal of Lynn Margulis endosymbiotic theory    Original Research Article
Pages 80-87
Antonio Lazcano, Juli Peretó
Mitochondria are not captive bacteria    Original Research Article
Pages 88-98
Ajith Harish, Charles G. Kurland
Symbiogenesis: Beyond the endosymbiosis theory?    Original Research Article
Pages 99-103
Duur K. Aanen, Paul Eggleton
Revisiting the theoretical basis of the endosymbiotic origin of plastids in the original context of Lynn Margulis on the origin of mitosing, eukaryotic cells    Original Research Article
Pages 104-113
Naoki Sato

Graphical abstract

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