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Alert: <= /span>Journal of Theoretical Biology
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3D"Volume Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 413, Pages 1-86, 21 Jan= uary 2017

Editoria= l board   
Page IFC <= br>
Species = coexistence in a neutral dynamics with environmental noise    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 1-10=
Jorge Hi= dalgo, Samir Suweis, Amos Maritan
Modeling= the light-induced electric potential difference (=CE=94=CE=A8), the pH dif= ference (=CE=94pH) and the proton motive force across the thylakoid membran= e in C3 leaves    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 11-23
Hui Lyu,= Du=C5=A1an Lazár
Optimiza= tion of an in vitro chemotherapy to avoid resistant tumours    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 24-33
Cé= ;cile Carrère
Modellin= g cross-reactivity and memory in the cellular adaptive immune response to i= nfluenza infection in the host    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 34-49
Ada W.C.= Yan, Pengxing Cao, Jane M. Heffernan, Jodie McVernon, Kylie M. Quinn, Nico= le L. La Gruta, Karen L. Laurie, James M. McCaw
Post-tra= nslational regulation by structural changes of 4-dihydromethyltrisporate de= hydrogenase, a key enzyme in sexual and parasitic communication mediated by= the trisporic acid pheromone system, of the fungal fusion parasite Para= sitella parasitica    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 50-57
Sabrina = Ellenberger, Anke Burmester, Stefan Schuster, Johannes Wöstemeyer
Effects = of initial telomere length distribution on senescence onset and heterogenei= ty    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 58-65
Sarah Eu= gène, Thibault Bourgeron, Zhou Xu
Translat= ional resistivity/conductivity of coding sequences during exponential growt= h of Escherichia coli    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 66-71
Kazuyuki= Takai
Resistan= ce to genetic insect control: Modelling the effects of space    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 72-85
Benjamin= Watkinson-Powell, Nina Alphey

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