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Alert: <= /span>Journal of Theoretical Biology
New articles av= ailable on ScienceDirect
3D"Volume Journal of The= oretical Biology
Volume 416, Pages 1-208, 7 Mar= ch 2017

Editoria= l board   
Page IFC <= br>
The impa= ct of resource quality on the evolution of virulence in spatially heterogen= eous environments    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 1-7 =
Min Su, = Mike Boots
Further = assessment of the protozoal contribution to the nutrition of the ruminant a= nimal    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 8-15=
Sarah E.= Hook, James France, Jan Dijkstra
Influenc= e of raltegravir intensification on viral load and 2-LTR dynamics in HIV pa= tients on suppressive antiretroviral therapy    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 16-27
Xia Wang= , Gregory Mink, Daniel Lin, Xinyu Song, Libin Rong
Mathemat= ical modeling of the methionine cycle and transsulfuration pathway in indiv= iduals with autism spectrum disorder    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 28-37
Troy Var= gason, Daniel P. Howsmon, Stepan Melnyk, S. Jill James, Juergen Hahn=
Molecula= r noise can minimize the collective sensitivity of a clonal heterogeneous c= ell population    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 38-44
Marzo Fo= rment, Guillermo Rodrigo
Partner = selection and emergence of the merit-based equity norm    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 45-51
Hirofumi= Takesue
Partial = differential equation techniques for analysing animal movement: A compariso= n of different methods    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 52-67
Yi-Shan = Wang, Jonathan R. Potts
Limiting= fitness distributions in evolutionary dynamics    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 68-80
Matteo S= merlak, Ahmed Youssef
Predicti= ng protein submitochondrial locations by incorporating the positional-speci= fic physicochemical properties into Chou's general pseudo-amino acid compos= itions    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 81-87
Ya-Sen J= iao, Pu-Feng Du
Mathemat= ical modeling of mutant transferrin-CRM107 molecular conjugates for cancer = therapy    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 88-98
Dennis J= . Yoon, Kevin Y. Chen, André M. Lopes, April A. Pan, Joseph Shiloach= , Anne B. Mason, Daniel T. Kamei
Spatial = avascular growth of tumor in a homogeneous environment    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 99-112
Louise V= iger, Fabrice Denis, Clément Draghi, Thibault Ménard, Christo= phe Letellier
Nano-QSA= R in cell biology: Model of cell viability as a mathematical function of av= ailable eclectic data    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 113-118<= /i>
Alla P. = Toropova, Andrey A. Toropov
Micromec= hanical modeling of rate-dependent behavior of Connective tissues    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 119-128<= /i>
A. Falla= h, M.T. Ahmadian, K. Firozbakhsh, M.M. Aghdam
The effe= ct of fecundity derivatives on the condition of evolutionary branching in s= patial models    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 129-143<= /i>
Kalle Pa= rvinen, Hisashi Ohtsuki, Joe Yuichiro Wakano
Hidden s= ymmetries of DNA molecule    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 144-148<= /i>
Alexande= r A. Tulub, Vassily E. Stefanov
A model = of ovulatory regulation examining the effects of insulin-mediated testoster= one production on ovulatory function    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 149-160<= /i>
Erica J.= Graham, James F. Selgrade
Data inf= ormed analysis of 2014 dengue fever outbreak in Guangzhou: Impact of multip= le environmental factors and vector control    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 161-179<= /i>
Yi Jing,= Xia Wang, Sanyi Tang, Jianhong Wu
Strehler= -Mildvan correlation is a degenerate manifold of Gompertz fit    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 180-189<= /i>
Andrei E= . Tarkhov, Leonid I. Menshikov, Peter O. Fedichev
Individu= al-based energetic model suggests bottom up mechanisms for the impact of co= astal hypoxia on Pacific harbor seal (Phoca vitulina richardii) foraging be= havior    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 190-198<= /i>
Sheanna = Steingass, Markus Horning
Interact= ion times change evolutionary outcomes: Two-player matrix games    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 199-207<= /i>
Vlastimi= l K=C5=99ivan, Ross Cressman

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