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Volume 436, Pages 1-134, 7 January 2018 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 436, Pages 1-134, 7 January 2018

Editorial Board   
Page IFC
Waves of seed propagation induced by delayed animal dispersion    Original Research Article
Pages 1-7
Laila D. Kazimierski, Marcelo N. Kuperman, Horacio S. Wio, Guillermo Abramson
In silico modelling of apoptosis induced by photodynamic therapy    Original Research Article
Pages 8-17
N. López-Marín, R. Mulet
A new probability method to understand protein-protein interface formation mechanism at amino acid level    Original Research Article
Pages 18-25
Yongxiao Yang, Xinqi Gong
Canonical modeling of anticipatory vaccination behavior and long term epidemic recurrence    Original Research Article
Pages 26-38
Julien Flaig, Nicolas Houy, Philippe Michel
A mathematical model of antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC)    Original Research Article
Pages 39-50
F. Hoffman, D. Gavaghan, J. Osborne, I.P. Barrett, T. You, H. Ghadially, R. Sainson, R.W. Wilkinson, H.M. Byrne
Pathogen transmission at stage-structured infectious patches: Killers and vaccinators    Original Research Article
Pages 51-63
Thomas Caraco, Wendy C. Turner

Graphical abstract

Nonlocal grazing in patterned ecosystems    Original Research Article
Pages 64-71
E. Siero
New statistical models of nonergodic cognitive systems and their pathologies    Original Research Article
Pages 72-78
Rodrick Wallace
How ecosystems recover from pulse perturbations: A theory of short- to long-term responses    Original Research Article
Pages 79-92
J.-F. Arnoldi, A. Bideault, M. Loreau, B. Haegeman
Implications of iterative communication for biological system performance    Original Research Article
Pages 93-104
Michael P. O'Connor, Sean O'Donnell
3D investigation of dynamic behavior and sensitivity analysis of the parameters of spherical biological particles in the first phase of AFM-based manipulations with the consideration of humidity effect    Original Research Article
Pages 105-119
M.H. Korayem, Z. Mahmoodi, M. Mohammadi

Graphical abstract

Modeling the chemotherapy-induced selection of drug-resistant traits during tumor growth    Original Research Article
Pages 120-134
H. Cho, D. Levy

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