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Volume 428, Pages 1-168, 7 September 2017 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 428, Pages 1-168, 7 September 2017

Editorial Board   
Page IFC
Risk stratification in compartmental epidemic models: Where to draw the line?    Original Research Article
Pages 1-17
Sze-chuan Suen, Jeremy D. Goldhaber-Fiebert, Margaret L. Brandeau
The evolution of ecosystem ascendency in a complex systems based model    Original Research Article
Pages 18-25
Katharina Brinck, Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen
Fetal programming and eating disorder risk    Review Article
Pages 26-33
Candace Jones, Brad Pearce, Ingrid Barrera, Amanda Mummert
Error thresholds for RNA replication in the presence of both point mutations and premature termination errors    Original Research Article
Pages 34-42
Andrew S Tupper, Paul G Higgs

Graphical abstract

The adaptive significance of phasic colony cycles in army ants    Original Research Article
Pages 43-47
Simon Garnier, Daniel J.C. Kronauer
Reduced foraging investment as an adaptation to patchy food sources: A phasic army ant simulation    Original Research Article
Pages 48-55
Serafino Teseo, Francesco Delloro
Feedback loops interlocked at competitive binding sites amplify and facilitate genetic oscillations    Original Research Article
Pages 56-64
Koichiro Uriu, Hajime Tei
Modeling spatial invasion of Ebola in West Africa    Original Research Article
Pages 65-75
Jeremy P. D’Silva, Marisa C. Eisenberg
Games of corruption in preventing the overuse of common-pool resources    Original Research Article
Pages 76-86
Joung-Hun Lee, Marko Jusup, Yoh Iwasa
Cellular scale model of growth plate: An in silico model of chondrocyte hypertrophy    Original Research Article
Pages 87-97
H.A. Castro-Abril, J.M. Guevara, M.A. Moncayo, S.J. Shefelbine, L.A. Barrera, D.A. Garzón-Alvarado
Infections of Wolbachia may destabilize mosquito population dynamics    Original Research Article
Pages 98-105
Arndt Telschow, Florian Grziwotz, Philip Crain, Takeshi Miki, James W. Mains, George Sugihara, Stephen L. Dobson, Chih-hao Hsieh
A mathematical model of embodied consciousness    Original Research Article
Pages 106-131
David Rudrauf, Daniel Bennequin, Isabela Granic, Gregory Landini, Karl Friston, Kenneth Williford
Unified neural field theory of brain dynamics underlying oscillations in Parkinson’s disease and generalized epilepsies    Original Research Article
Pages 132-146
E.J. Müller, S.J. van Albada, J.W. Kim, P.A. Robinson
The impact of radiation on the development of lung cancer    Original Research Article
Pages 147-152
Lingling Li, Tianhai Tian, Xinan Zhang
Identifying circumstances under which high insecticide dose increases or decreases resistance selection    Original Research Article
Pages 153-167
J.C. Helps, N.D. Paveley, F. van den Bosch

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