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Volume 442, Pages 1-158, 7 April 2018 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 442, Pages 1-158, 7 April 2018

Editorial Board   
Page ii
Mathematical modeling of tumor-induced immunosuppression by myeloid-derived suppressor cells: Implications for therapeutic targeting strategies    Original Research Article
Pages 1-10
Seyed Peyman Shariatpanahi, Seyed Pooya Shariatpanahi, Keivan Madjidzadeh, Moustapha Hassan, Manuchehr Abedi-Valugerdi
iMem-2LSAAC: A two-level model for discrimination of membrane proteins and their types by extending the notion of SAAC into chou's pseudo amino acid composition    Original Research Article
Pages 11-21
Muhammad Arif, Maqsood Hayat, Zahoor Jan
Tissue geometry may govern lung branching mode selection    Original Research Article
Pages 22-30
Uduak Z. George, Sharon R. Lubkin
Heart rate variability alters cardiac repolarization and electromechanical dynamics    Original Research Article
Pages 31-43
Vrishti M. Phadumdeo, Seth H. Weinberg
Modelling and simulation of biased agonism dynamics at a G protein-coupled receptor    Original Research Article
Pages 44-65
L.J. Bridge, J. Mead, E. Frattini, I. Winfield, G. Ladds
Longitudinal patterns and response lengths of algae in riverine ecosystems: A model analysis emphasising benthic-pelagic interactions    Original Research Article
Pages 66-78
Christoph G. Jäger, Dietrich Borchardt
Growth scaling for the early dynamics of HIV/AIDS epidemics in Brazil and the influence of socio-demographic factors    Original Research Article
Pages 79-86
L. Dinh, G. Chowell, R. Rothenberg
Discovering the effect of nonlocal payoff calculation on the stabilty of ESS: Spatial patterns of Hawk–Dove game in metapopulations    Original Research Article
Pages 87-97
Ozgur Aydogmus
Inferring about the extinction of a species using certain and uncertain sightings    Original Research Article
Pages 98-109
Saritha Kodikara, Haydar Demirhan, Lewi Stone
Model selection for integrated pest management with stochasticity    Original Research Article
Pages 110-122
Olcay Akman, Timothy D. Comar, Daniel Hrozencik
The advantage of recombination when selection is acting at many genetic Loci    Original Research Article
Pages 123-128
Donal A. Hickey, G. Brian Golding
Intermittent treatment of severe influenza    Original Research Article
Pages 129-138
Lucas Deecke, Hana M. Dobrovolny
No appendix necessary: Fecal transplants and antibiotics can resolve Clostridium difficile infection    Original Research Article
Pages 139-148
Tejas Joshi, Bret D. Elderd, Karen C. Abbott
Evolution of cooperation with interactive identity and diversity    Original Research Article
Pages 149-157
Qi Su, Aming Li, Long Wang

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