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Alert: <= /span>Journal of Theoretical Biology
New articles av= ailable on ScienceDirect
3D"Volume Journal of The= oretical Biology
Volume 414, Pages 1-268, 7 Feb= ruary 2017

Editoria= l board   
Page IFC <= br>
Some pun= gent arguments against the physico-chemical theories of the origin of the g= enetic code and corroborating the coevolution theory    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 1-4 =
Massimo = Di Giulio
Species = tree estimation using Neighbor Joining   
Pages 5-7 =
Joseph R= usinko, Matthew McPartlon
Speciali= zed hybrid learners resolve Rogers' paradox about the adaptive value of soc= ial learning    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 8-16=
Milad Kh= arratzadeh, Marcel Montrey, Alex Metz, Thomas R. Shultz

Graphical abstract

Multiple= states of environmental regulation in well-mixed model biospheres    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 17-34
Arwen E.= Nicholson, David M. Wilkinson, Hywel T.P. Williams, Timothy M. Lenton
Modellin= g three-dimensional fungal growth in response to environmental stimuli    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 35-49
G. Vidal= -Diez de Ulzurrun, J.M. Baetens, J. Van den Bulcke, B. De Baets
A homoge= nization model of the Voigt type for skeletal muscle    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 50-61
L.A. Spy= rou, M. Agoras, K. Danas
A model = of processive movement of dimeric kinesin    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 62-75
Si-Kao G= uo, Peng-Ye Wang, Ping Xie
Natural = mitochondrial proteolysis confirms transcription systematically exchanging/= deleting nucleotides, peptides coded by expanded codons    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 76-90
Herv&eac= ute; Seligmann
On the r= elationship between cell cycle analysis with ergodic principles and age-str= uctured cell population models    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 91-102
K. Kurit= z, D. Stöhr, N. Pollak, F. Allgöwer

Graphical abstract

Modeling= the role of information and limited optimal treatment on disease prevalenc= e    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 103-119<= /i>
Anuj Kum= ar, Prashant K. Srivastava, Yasuhiro Takeuchi
An updat= ed kernel-based Turing model for studying the mechanisms of biological patt= ern formation    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 120-127<= /i>
Shigeru = Kondo
OOgenesi= s_Pred: A sequence-based method for predicting oogenesis proteins by six di= fferent modes of Chou's pseudo amino acid composition    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 128-136<= /i>
Maryam R= ahimi, Mohammad Reza Bakhtiarizadeh, Abdollah Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh=
Limited = by sensing - A minimal stochastic model of the lag-phase during diauxic gro= wth    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 137-146<= /i>
Dominiqu= e Chu
Dynamic = self-organisation of haematopoiesis and (a)symmetric cell division    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 147-164<= /i>
Marthe M= åløy, Frode Måløy, Per Jakobsen, Bjørn Ola= v Brandsdal
A mathem= atical model of reward and executive circuitry in obsessive compulsive diso= rder    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 165-175<= /i>
Anca R= =C7=8Edulescu, Rachel Marra
Hamilton= 's rule    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 176-230<= /i>
Matthijs= van Veelen, Benjamin Allen, Moshe Hoffman, Burton Simon, Carl Veller
A shadow= detector for photosynthesis efficiency    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 231-244<= /i>
Kang-Lin= g Liao, Roger D. Jones, Patrick McCarter, Meral Tunc-Ozdemir, James A. Drap= er, Timothy C. Elston, David Kramer, Alan M. Jones
A discre= te stage-structured model of California newt population dynamics during a p= eriod of drought    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 245-253<= /i>
Marjorie= T. Jones, William R. Milligan, Lee B. Kats, Thomas L. Vandergon, Rodney L.= Honeycutt, Robert N. Fisher, Courtney L. Davis, Timothy A. Lucas
3D hybri= d modelling of vascular network formation    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 254-268<= /i>
Holger P= erfahl, Barry D. Hughes, Tomás Alarcón, Philip K. Maini, Mark= C. Lloyd, Matthias Reuss, Helen M. Byrne

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