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Volume 452, Pages 1-84, 7 September 2018 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 452, Pages 1-84, 7 September 2018

Editorial Board   
Page ii
Identifying 5-methylcytosine sites in RNA sequence using composite encoding feature into Chou's PseKNC    Original Research Article
Pages 1-9
M. Fazli Sabooh, Nadeem Iqbal, Mukhtaj Khan, Muslim Khan, H.F. Maqbool
Do cells sense time by number of divisions?    Original Research Article
Pages 10-16
Z. Schuss, K. Tor, D. Holcman
Will forest size structure follow the −2 power-law distribution under ideal demographic equilibrium state?    Original Research Article
Pages 17-21
Jian Zhou, Guanghui Lin
DPP-PseAAC: A DNA-binding protein prediction model using Chou’s general PseAAC    Original Research Article
Pages 22-34
M. Saifur Rahman, Swakkhar Shatabda, Sanjay Saha, M. Kaykobad, M. Sohel Rahman
A 1D model of leukocyte adhesion coupling bond dynamics with blood velocity    Original Research Article
Pages 35-46
Bérénice Grec, Bertrand Maury, Nicolas Meunier, Laurent Navoret
Disseminators or silencers: The effect of information diffusion intensity on cooperation in public goods game    Original Research Article
Pages 47-55
Tong Chen, Zhenghong Wu, Le Wang
Modeling triple-negative breast cancer heterogeneity: Effects of stromal macrophages, fibroblasts and tumor vasculature    Original Research Article
Pages 56-68
Kerri-Ann Norton, Kideok Jin, Aleksander S. Popel
Sequential interactions—in which one player plays first and another responds—promote cooperation in evolutionary-dynamical simulations of single-shot Prisoner's Dilemma and Snowdrift games    Original Research Article
Pages 69-80
Robert A. Laird

Graphical abstract

Some implications of an epigenetic-based omnigenic model of psychiatric disorders   
Pages 81-84
Jacob Peedicayil, Dennis R. Grayson

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