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Volume 439, Pages 1-232, 14 February 2018 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 439, Pages 1-232, 14 February 2018

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Page ii
Inducing chondrogenesis in MSC/chondrocyte co-cultures using exogenous TGF-β: a mathematical model    Original Research Article
Pages 1-13
Michael J. Chen, Jonathan P. Whiteley, Colin P. Please, Andrea Schwab, Franziska Ehlicke, Sarah L. Waters, Helen M. Byrne
Exploration of Mycobacterium tuberculosis structural proteome: An in-silico approach    Original Research Article
Pages 14-23
Mohsin Yousuf Lone, Sivakumar Prasanth Kumar, Mohd Athar, Prakash Chandra Jha
Social behavior-induced multistability in minimal competitive ecosystems    Original Research Article
Pages 24-38
D. Melchionda, E. Pastacaldi, C. Perri, M. Banerjee, E. Venturino
Applying asymptotic methods to synthetic biology: Modelling the reaction kinetics of the mevalonate pathway    Original Research Article
Pages 39-49
Mohit P. Dalwadi, Marco Garavaglia, Joseph P. Webb, John R. King, Nigel P. Minton
Understanding interactions between populations: Individual based modelling and quantification using pair correlation functions    Original Research Article
Pages 50-64
S. Dini, B.J. Binder, J.E.F. Green
Voluntary vaccination dilemma with evolving psychological perceptions    Original Research Article
Pages 65-75
Xue Feng, Bin Wu, Long Wang
Auto-correlated directional swimming can enhance settlement success and connectivity in fish larvae    Original Research Article
Pages 76-85
Igal Berenshtein, Claire B Paris, Hezi Gildor, Erick Fredj, Yael Amitai, Omri Lapidot, Moshe Kiflawi
Activation of the HGF/c-Met axis in the tumor microenvironment: A multispecies model    Original Research Article
Pages 86-99
Anna Konstorum, John S. Lowengrub

Graphical abstract

Unifying relationships between complexity and stability in mutualistic ecological communities    Original Research Article
Pages 100-126
Wenfeng Feng, Richard M. Bailey
Modelling the effects of cutting off infected branches and replanting on fire-blight transmission using Filippov systems    Original Research Article
Pages 127-140
Can Chen, Chentong Li, Yanmei Kang
The impact of protein interaction networks’ characteristics on computational complex detection methods    Original Research Article
Pages 141-151
Xiaoxia Liu, Zhihao Yang, Ziwei Zhou, Yuanyuan Sun, Hongfei Lin, Jian Wang, Bo Xu
Genetic regulation mechanism of the yjdF riboswitch    Original Research Article
Pages 152-159
Sha Gong, Yanli Wang, Zhen Wang, Yujie Wang, Wenbing Zhang

Graphical abstract

On the statistical analysis of single cell lineage trees    Original Research Article
Pages 160-165
Tanja Stadler, Stavroula Skylaki, Konstantinos D. Kokkaliaris, Timm Schroeder
Inference in population genetics using forward and backward, discrete and continuous time processes    Original Research Article
Pages 166-180
Juraj Bergman, Dominik Schrempf, Carolin Kosiol, Claus Vogl
Mathematical analysis of the transmission dynamics of the liver fluke, Opisthorchis viverrini    Original Research Article
Pages 181-194
Christine Bürli, Helmut Harbrecht, Peter Odermatt, Somphou Sayasone, Nakul Chitnis
An exploration of the role of asymptomatic infections in the epidemiology of dengue viruses through susceptible, asymptomatic, infected and recovered (SAIR) models    Original Research Article
Pages 195-204
Martin Grunnill
In vivo measurement of the rate constant of liver handling of glucose and glucose uptake by insulin-dependent tissues, using a mathematical model for glucose homeostasis in diabetic rats    Original Research Article
Pages 205-215
Mercedes Lombarte, Maela Lupo, L. Fina Brenda, German Campetelli, A.R. Buzalaf Marilia, Marta Basualdo, Alfredo Rigalli
An edge-based SIR model for sexually transmitted diseases on the contact network    Original Research Article
Pages 216-225
Shuixian Yan, Yu Zhang, Junling Ma, Sanling Yuan
Exploration of bimodal kinetics in marker digesta outflows using compartmental models    Original Research Article
Pages 226-231
John H.M. Thornley, James France

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