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Volume 431, Pages 1-96, 27 October 2017 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 431, Pages 1-96, 27 October 2017

Editorial Board   
Page IFC
Chaotic provinces in the kingdom of the Red Queen    Original Research Article
Pages 1-10
Hanna Schenk, Arne Traulsen, Chaitanya S. Gokhale
Hill equation and Hatze’s muscle activation dynamics complement each other: enhanced pharmacological and physiological interpretability of modelled activity-pCa curves    Review Article
Pages 11-24
R. Rockenfeller, M. Günther
Contribution of gene flow to the evolution of recombination suppression in sex chromosomes    Original Research Article
Pages 25-31
Tomotaka Matsumoto, Kohta Yoshida, Jun Kitano
Lambda phage genetic switch as a system with critical behaviour    Original Research Article
Pages 32-38
Jiri Vohradsky
Operating regimes of covalent modification cycles at high enzyme concentrations    Original Research Article
Pages 39-48
Ronny Straube

Graphical abstract

A dynamic bioenergetic model for coral-Symbiodinium symbioses and coral bleaching as an alternate stable state    Original Research Article
Pages 49-62
Ross Cunning, Erik B. Muller, Ruth D. Gates, Roger M. Nisbet
A confidence building exercise in data and identifiability: Modeling cancer chemotherapy as a case study    Original Research Article
Pages 63-78
Marisa C. Eisenberg, Harsh V. Jain
Statistical aspects of evolution under natural selection, with implications for the advantage of sexual reproduction    Original Research Article
Pages 79-86
Daniel J.M. Crouch
Autocatalytic networks in cognition and the origin of culture    Original Research Article
Pages 87-95
Liane Gabora, Mike Steel

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