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Volume 421, Pages 1-202, 21 May 2017 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 421, Pages 1-202, 21 May 2017

Editorial Board   
Page IFC
Extracting features from protein sequences to improve deep extreme learning machine for protein fold recognition    Original Research Article
Pages 1-15
Wisam Ibrahim, Mohammad Saniee Abadeh
The extended reciprocity: Strong belief outperforms persistence    Original Research Article
Pages 16-27
Shun Kurokawa
Effects of rainfall on Culex mosquito population dynamics    Original Research Article
Pages 28-38
L.D. Valdez, G.J. Sibona, L.A. Diaz, M.S. Contigiani, C.A. Condat
Effects of operational decisions on the diffusion of epidemic disease: A system dynamics modeling of the MERS-CoV outbreak in South Korea    Original Research Article
Pages 39-50
Nina Shin, Taewoo Kwag, Sangwook Park, Yon Hui Kim
Stochastic modeling and numerical simulation of gene regulatory networks with protein bursting    Original Research Article
Pages 51-70
Manuel Pájaro, Antonio A. Alonso, Irene Otero-Muras, Carlos Vázquez
Evolution of stinginess and generosity in finite populations    Original Research Article
Pages 71-80
Xue Feng, Yanling Zhang, Long Wang
A tipping point in parapatric speciation    Original Research Article
Pages 81-92
Ryo Yamaguchi, Yoh Iwasa
Limited mobility of target pests crucially lowers controllability when sterile insect releases are spatiotemporally biased    Original Research Article
Pages 93-100
Yusuke Ikegawa, Chihiro Himuro
Force-driven growth of intercellular junctions    Original Research Article
Pages 101-111
Mohammad Tehrani, Alireza S. Sarvestani
A unified inter-host and in-host model of antibiotic resistance and infection spread in a hospital ward    Original Research Article
Pages 112-126
Lester Caudill, Barry Lawson
Be a good loser: A theoretical model for subordinate decision-making on bi-directional sex change in haremic fishes    Original Research Article
Pages 127-135
Kota Sawada, Sachi Yamaguchi, Yoh Iwasa
Cooperation induces other cooperation: Fruiting bodies promote the evolution of macrocysts in Dictyostelium discoideum    Original Research Article
Pages 136-145
Shota Shibasaki, Yuka Shirokawa, Masakazu Shimada
A genetic approach to the rock-paper-scissors game    Original Research Article
Pages 146-152
Wendell P. Barreto, Flavia M.D. Marquitti, Marcus A.M. de Aguiar
Optimal point process filtering and estimation of the coalescent process    Original Research Article
Pages 153-167
Kris V. Parag, Oliver G. Pybus
Alveolar septal patterning during compensatory lung growth: Part II the effect of parenchymal pressure gradients    Original Research Article
Pages 168-178
Shimon Haber, Michal Weisbord, Steven J. Mentzer, Akira Tsuda
Evaluating the influence of mechanical stress on anticancer treatments through a multiphase porous media model    Original Research Article
Pages 179-188
Pietro Mascheroni, Daniela Boso, Luigi Preziosi, Bernhard A. Schrefler

Graphical abstract

Third-party punishment as a costly signal of high continuation probabilities in repeated games    Original Research Article
Pages 189-202
Jillian J. Jordan, David G. Rand

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