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Volume 455, Pages 1-370, 14 October 2018 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 455, Pages 1-370, 14 October 2018

Editorial Board   
Page ii
Use of image texture analysis to find DNA sequence similarities    Original Research Article
Pages 1-6
Weiyang Chen, Bo Liao, Weiwei Li
A solution for private assessment in indirect reciprocity using solitary observation    Original Research Article
Pages 7-15
Isamu Okada, Tatsuya Sasaki, Yutaka Nakai
Models for the bystander effect in gradient radiation fields: Range and signalling type    Original Research Article
Pages 16-25
Valery Peng, Natalka Suchowerska, Ana Dos Santos Esteves, Linda Rogers, Elizabeth Claridge Mackonis, Joanne Toohey, David R McKenzie
A Network Hierarchy-Based method for functional module detection in protein–protein interaction networks    Original Research Article
Pages 26-38
Wei Liu, Liangyu Ma, Byeungwoo Jeon, Ling Chen, Bolun Chen
Dynamics of HIV-1 coinfection in different susceptible target cell populations during cell-free infection    Original Research Article
Pages 39-46
Yusuke Ito, Alexandra Tauzin, Azaria Remion, Keisuke Ejima, Fabrizio Mammano, Shingo Iwami
The influence of social behaviour on competition between virulent pathogen strains    Original Research Article
Pages 47-53
Joe Pharaon, Chris T. Bauch
An agent-based model of nest-site selection in a mass-recruiting ant    Original Research Article
Pages 54-63
Adam L. Cronin
Impacts of infection avoidance for populations affected by sexually transmitted infections    Original Research Article
Pages 64-74
Michal Theuer, Luděk Berec
Vaccination threshold size and backward bifurcation of SIR model with state-dependent pulse control    Original Research Article
Pages 75-85
Qianqian Zhang, Biao Tang, Sanyi Tang
The role of stochastic sequestration dynamics for intrinsic noise filtering in signaling network motifs    Original Research Article
Pages 86-96
Debdas Paul, Nicole Radde
Why does hyperglycinemia exhibit so grave brain anomalies and so severe neurological symptoms?    Original Research Article
Pages 97-100
Kohji Sato
An important role of the biarticular hamstrings is to exert internal/external rotation moments on the tibia during vertical jumping    Original Research Article
Pages 101-108
Daniel J Cleather
Examining the effect of reoccurring disturbances on population persistence with application to marine mammals    Original Research Article
Pages 109-117
Amy Veprauskas, Azmy S. Ackleh, Tingting Tang
Mathematical analysis to prioritise strategies for malaria elimination    Original Research Article
Pages 118-130
Nakul Chitnis, Allan Schapira, Christian Schindler, Melissa A. Penny, Thomas A. Smith
Large-scale frequent stem pattern mining in RNA families    Original Research Article
Pages 131-139
Jimmy Ka Ho Chiu, Tharam S. Dillon, Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen
MATHT: A web server for comprehensive transcriptome data analysis    Original Research Article
Pages 140-146
Wei Song, Huaping Liu, Jiajia Wang, Yan Kong, Xia Yin, Weidong Zang
Reverse screening on indicaxanthin from Opuntia ficus-indica as natural chemoactive and chemopreventive agent    Original Research Article
Pages 147-160
Marco Tutone, Alessia Virzì, Anna Maria Almerico

Graphical abstract

Free-energy minimization in joint agent-environment systems: A niche construction perspective    Original Research Article
Pages 161-178
Jelle Bruineberg, Erik Rietveld, Thomas Parr, Leendert van Maanen, Karl J Friston
In silico predicted transcriptional regulatory control of steroidogenesis in spawning female fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas)    Original Research Article
Pages 179-190
D. Hala, J.A. Cullen, B. Hernout, I. Ivanov
A two-phenotype model of immune evasion by cancer cells    Original Research Article
Pages 191-204
Péter Bayer, Joel S. Brown, Kateina Staňková
iMethyl-STTNC: Identification of N6-methyladenosine sites by extending the idea of SAAC into Chou's PseAAC to formulate RNA sequences    Original Research Article
Pages 205-211
Shahid Akbar, Maqsood Hayat
Computational modeling of synergistic interaction between αVβ3 integrin and VEGFR2 in endothelial cells: Implications for the mechanism of action of angiogenesis-modulating integrin-binding peptides    Original Research Article
Pages 212-221
Hojjat Bazzazi, Yu Zhang, Mohammad Jafarnejad, Aleksander S. Popel
Learning pharmacokinetic models for in vivo glucocorticoid activation    Original Research Article
Pages 222-231
Kerstin Bunte, David J. Smith, Michael J. Chappell, Zaki K. Hassan-Smith, Jeremy W. Tomlinson, Wiebke Arlt, Peter Tiňo
Beyond replicator dynamics: From frequency to density dependent models of evolutionary games    Original Research Article
Pages 232-248
Vlastimil Kivan, Theodore E. Galanthay, Ross Cressman
Capitalizing on competition: An evolutionary model of competitive release in metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer treatment    Original Research Article
Pages 249-260
Jeffrey West, Yongqian Ma, Paul K. Newton
Synaptic transmission may provide an evolutionary benefit to HIV through modulation of latency    Original Research Article
Pages 261-268
Cesar Vargas-Garcia, Ryan Zurakowski, Abhyudai Singh
The dynamics of integration, viral suppression and cell-cell transmission in the development of occult Hepatitis B virus infection    Original Research Article
Pages 269-280
Ashish Goyal, Ranjit Chauhan
Phenotype-centric modeling for elucidation of biological design principles    Original Research Article
Pages 281-292
Miguel A. Valderrama-Gómez, Rebecca E. Parales, Michael A. Savageau
Meshwork pattern transformed from branching pattern in spherical shell domain    Original Research Article
Pages 293-302
Guo Shan, Hong Chuan-shan, Sun Ming-zhu, Zhao Xin
Additional food supplements as a tool for biological conservation of predator-prey systems involving type III functional response: A qualitative and quantitative investigation    Original Research Article
Pages 303-318
P.D.N. Srinivasu, D.K.K. Vamsi, V.S. Ananth
Predicting membrane protein types by incorporating a novel feature set into Chou's general PseAAC    Original Research Article
Pages 319-328
E. Siva Sankari, D. Manimegalai
Maximum-likelihood estimation of xylem vessel length distributions    Original Research Article
Pages 329-341
Roman M. Link, Bernhard Schuldt, Brendan Choat, Steven Jansen, Alexander R. Cobb
Modeling the importation and local transmission of vector-borne diseases in Florida: The case of Zika outbreak in 2016    Original Research Article
Pages 342-356
Jing Chen, John C. Beier, Robert Stephen Cantrell, Chris Cosner, Douglas O. Fuller, Yongtao Guan, Guoyan Zhang, Shigui Ruan
A general model of forager search: Adaptive encounter-conditional heuristics outperform Lévy flights in the search for patchily distributed prey    Original Research Article
Pages 357-369
Cody Ross, Luis Pacheco-Cobos, Bruce Winterhalder

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