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Alert: <= /span>Journal of Theoretical Biology
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3D"Volume Journal of Theo= retical Biology
Volume 415, Pages 1-170, 21 Fe= bruary 2017

Editoria= l board   
Page IFC <= br>
Evolutio= nary stability for matrix games under time constraints    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 1-12=
Jó= ;zsef Garay, Vill=C5=91 Csiszár, Tamás F. Móri =
Unb-DPC:= Identify mycobacterial membrane protein types by incorporating un-biased d= ipeptide composition into Chou's general PseAAC    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 13-19
Muslim K= han, Maqsood Hayat, Sher Afzal Khan, Nadeem Iqbal
Evolutio= n of group-wise cooperation: Is direct reciprocity insufficient=3F    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 20-31
Shun Kur= okawa, Yasuo Ihara
Investig= ation of kinetic-order sensitivities in metabolic reaction networks    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 32-40
Masatsug= u Yamada, Masashi Iwanaga, Kansuporn Sriyudthsak, Masami Y. Hirai, Fumihide= Shiraishi
Molecula= r dynamics and protein interaction studies of lipopeptide (Iturin A) on =CE= =B1- amylase of Spodoptera litura    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 41-47
P. Naren= dra Kumar, T.H. Swapna, Mohamed Yahya Khan, Jayasimha Rayalu Daddam, Bee Ha= meeda
A foreca= st for extinction debt in the presence of speciation    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 48-52
Vasiliki= Sgardeli, Yoh Iwasa, Harry Varvoglis, John M. Halley
On p53 r= evival using system oriented drug dosage design    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 53-57
Muhammad= Haseeb, Shumaila Azam, A.I. Bhatti, Rizwan Azam, Mukhtar Ullah, Sahar Faza= l

Graphical abstract

Explorin= g vector-borne infection ecology in multi-host communities: A case study of= West Nile virus    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 58-69
Giovanni= Marini, Roberto Rosá, Andrea Pugliese, Hans Heesterbeek
Exosomal= microRNA concentrations in colorectal cancer: A mathematical model    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 70-83
Xiulan L= ai, Avner Friedman
A novel = method for in silico identification of regulatory SNPs in human genome    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 84-89
Rong Li,= Dexing Zhong, Ruiling Liu, Hongqiang Lv, Xinman Zhang, Jun Liu, Jiuqiang H= an
The comb= inatorics of overlapping genes    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 90-101
Sophie L= èbre, Olivier Gascuel
Modeling= birds on wires    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 102-112<= /i>
A. Aydo= =C4=9Fdu, P. Frasca, C. D'Apice, R. Manzo, J.M. Thornton, B. Gachomo, T. Wi= lson, B. Cheung, U. Tariq, W. Saidel, B. Piccoli
Nonequil= ibrium response of a voltage gated sodium ion channel and biophysical chara= cterization of dynamic hysteresis    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 113-124<= /i>
Krishnen= du Pal, Biswajit Das, Gautam Gangopadhyay
Signal t= ransduction analysis of the NLRP3-inflammasome pathway after cellular damag= e and its paracrine regulation    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 125-136<= /i>
Denise V= eltman, Thessa Laeremans, Egle Passante, Heinrich J. Huber
Regular = biennial cycles in epidemics caused by parametric resonance    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 137-144<= /i>
Shiyang = Chen, Bogdan Epureanu
An open-= loop approach to calculate noise-induced transitions    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 145-157<= /i>
Farzaneh= Maleki, Attila Becskei
Shannon = information entropy in the canonical genetic code    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 158-170<= /i>
Louis R.= Nemzer

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