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Volume 433, Pages 1-106, 21 November 2017 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 433, Pages 1-106, 21 November 2017

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Page IFC
An efficient and assumption-free method to approximate protein level distribution in the two-states gene expression model    Original Research Article
Pages 1-7
Bingxiang Xu, Hao Ge, Zhihua Zhang
Mathematical modeling of spatiotemporal protein localization patterns in C. crescentus bacteria: A mechanism for asymmetric FtsZ ring positioning    Original Research Article
Pages 8-20
Blerta Shtylla

Graphical abstract

Selection originating from protein stability/foldability: Relationships between protein folding free energy, sequence ensemble, and fitness    Original Research Article
Pages 21-38
Sanzo Miyazawa
A mathematical model of cellular swelling in Neuromyelitis optica    Original Research Article
Pages 39-48
Simão Laranjeira, Mkael Symmonds, Jacqueline Palace, Stephen J. Payne, Piotr Orlowski
A nonlinear poroelastic theory of solid tumors with glycosaminoglycan swelling    Original Research Article
Pages 49-56
Shi-Lei Xue, Shao-Zhen Lin, Bo Li, Xi-Qiao Feng
Protein–protein interaction site predictions with minimum covariance determinant and Mahalanobis distance    Original Research Article
Pages 57-63
Zhijun Qiu, Bo Zhou, Jiangfeng Yuan
Optional interactions and suspicious behaviour facilitates trustful cooperation in prisoners dilemma    Original Research Article
Pages 64-72
Tadeas Priklopil, Krishnendu Chatterjee, Martin Nowak
Effect of different stent configurations using Lattice Boltzmann method and particles image velocimetry on artery bifurcation aneurysm problem    Original Research Article
Pages 73-84
N. Hafizah Mokhtar, Aizat Abas, N.A. Razak, Muhammad Najib Abdul Hamid, Soon Lay Teong
Fixation probability of a nonmutator in a large population of asexual mutators    Original Research Article
Pages 85-93
Kavita Jain, Ananthu James
A causal Bayesian network model of disease progression mechanisms in chronic myeloid leukemia    Original Research Article
Pages 94-105
Daniel Koch, Robert S. Eisinger, Alexander Gebharter

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