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Volume 450, Pages 1-104, 7 August 2018 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 450, Pages 1-104, 7 August 2018

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Page ii
Modeling tumor growth inhibition and toxicity outcome after administration of anticancer agents in xenograft mice: A Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) approach    Original Research Article
Pages 1-14
N. Terranova, E.M. Tosca, E. Borella, E. Pesenti, M. Rocchetti, P. Magni
NucPosPred: Predicting species-specific genomic nucleosome positioning via four different modes of general PseKNC    Original Research Article
Pages 15-21
Cangzhi Jia, Qing Yang, Quan Zou

Graphical abstract

Metapopulation model for rock–paper–scissors game: Mutation affects paradoxical impacts    Original Research Article
Pages 22-29
Takashi Nagatani, Genki Ichinose, Kei-ichi Tainaka
A guideline to study the feasibility domain of multi-trophic and changing ecological communities    Original Research Article
Pages 30-36
Chuliang Song, Rudolf P. Rohr, Serguei Saavedra
A mathematical model for pressure-based organs behaving as biological pressure vessels    Original Research Article
Pages 37-42
Aaron R Casha, Liberato Camilleri, Marilyn Gauci, Ruben Gatt, David Sladden, Stanley Chetcuti, Joseph N Grima
Bribery games on interdependent complex networks    Original Research Article
Pages 43-52
Prateek Verma, Anjan K. Nandi, Supratim Sengupta
Mathematical modeling of atherosclerotic plaque destabilization: Role of neovascularization and intraplaque hemorrhage    Original Research Article
Pages 53-65
Muyi Guo, Yan Cai, Xinke Yao, Zhiyong Li
Epidemics of random walkers in metapopulation model for complete, cycle, and star graphs    Original Research Article
Pages 66-75
Takashi Nagatani, Genki Ichinose, Kei-ichi Tainaka
Host-pathogen dynamics under sterilizing pathogens and fecundity-longevity trade-off in hosts    Original Research Article
Pages 76-85
Eva Janou┼'ková, Lud─Ťk Berec
Predicting protein submitochondrial locations by incorporating the pseudo-position specific scoring matrix into the general Chou's pseudo-amino acid composition    Original Research Article
Pages 86-103
Wenying Qiu, Shan Li, Xiaowen Cui, Zhaomin Yu, Minghui Wang, Junwei Du, Yanjun Peng, Bin Yu

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