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Alert: <= /span>Journal of Theoretical Biology
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3D"Volume Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 412, Pages 1-204, 7 Jan= uary 2017

Editoria= l board   
Page IFC <= br>
Combinat= ion with anti-tit-for-tat remedies problems of tit-for-tat    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 1-7 =
Su Do Yi= , Seung Ki Baek, Jung-Kyoo Choi
Reconstr= ucting pedigrees using probabilistic analysis of ISSR amplification    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 8-16=
Loï= c Chaumont, Valéry Malécot, Richard Pymar, Chaker Sbai=
MMP&ndas= h;TIMP interactions in cancer invasion: An evolutionary game-theoretical fr= amework    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 17-26
Javad Sa= limi Sartakhti, Mohammad Hossein Manshaei, Mehdi Sadeghi
Viral in= fections of oceanic plankton blooms    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 27-35
Kelvin J= . Richards
Explorin= g optimal control strategies in seasonally varying flu-like epidemics    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 36-47
Sunmi Le= e, Gerardo Chowell
Granulom= a formation in leishmaniasis: A mathematical model    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 48-60
Nourridi= ne Siewe, Abdul-Aziz Yakubu, Abhay R Satoskar, Avner Friedman
Computat= ional simulations of asymmetric fluxes of large molecules through gap junct= ion channel pores    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 61-73
Abhijit = Mondal, Daniel A. Appadurai, Nazem W. Akoum, Frank B. Sachse, Alonso P. Mor= eno

Graphical abstract

Mathemat= ical model of transmission dynamics and optimal control strategies for 2009= A/H1N1 influenza in the Republic of Korea    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 74-85
Soyoung = Kim, Jonggul Lee, Eunok Jung
Micro-sc= ale variability enhances trophic transfer and potentially sustains biodiver= sity in plankton ecosystems    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 86-93
Anupam P= riyadarshi, Sandip Mandal, S. Lan Smith, Hidekatsu Yamazaki
An appro= ach to expand description of the pump and co-transporter steady-state curre= nt    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 94-99
A.G. Dim= itrov
Resource= competition amid overlapping territories: The territorial raider model app= lied to multi-group interactions    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 100-106<= /i>
Nina Gal= anter, Dennis Silva, Jonathan T. Rowell, Jan Rychtá=C5=99
Combinin= g sequence and Gene Ontology for protein module detection in the Weighted N= etwork    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 107-112<= /i>
Yang Yu,= Jie Liu, Nuan Feng, Bo Song, Zeyu Zheng
Punctuat= ed equilibrium as an emergent process and its modified thermodynamic charac= terization    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 113-122<= /i>
M.E. Wos= niack, M.G.E. da Luz, L.S. Schulman
Simulati= ng the potential role of media coverage and infected bats in the 2014 Ebola= outbreak    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 123-129<= /i>
Qiang Li= , Furong Lu, Chenxi Dai, Minjun Fan, Weiming Wang, Kaifa Wang
Synchron= ous transitions of up and down states in a network model based on stimulati= ons    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 130-137<= /i>
Xuying X= u, Li Ni, Rubin Wang
Identifi= cation of repeats in DNA sequences using nucleotide distribution uniformity=    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 138-145<= /i>
Changchu= an Yin
The plan= t in the labyrinth: Adaptive growth and branching in heterogeneous environm= ents    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 146-153<= /i>
Be&aacut= e;ta Oborny, Veronika Benedek, Péter Englert, Máté Gul= yás, András G. Hubai
Maturati= on delay for the predators can enhance stable coexistence for a class of pr= ey–predator models    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 154-171<= /i>
Malay Ba= nerjee, Yasuhiro Takeuchi
The puzz= le of partial migration: Adaptive dynamics and evolutionary game theory per= spectives    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 172-185<= /i>
Patrick = De Leenheer, Anushaya Mohapatra, Haley A. Ohms, David A. Lytle, J.M. Cushin= g
Models o= f cell division initiation in Chlamydomonas: A challenge to the cons= ensus view    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 186-197<= /i>
Deborah = E. Shelton, Martin P. Leslie, Richard E. Michod
Protein-= protein interactions can be predicted using coiled coil co-evolution patter= ns    O= riginal Research Article
Pages 198-203<= /i>
Pablo Mi= er, Gregorio Alanis-Lobato, Miguel A. Andrade-Navarro

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