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Volume 425, Pages 1-112, 21 July 2017 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 425, Pages 1-112, 21 July 2017

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Page IFC
Mathematical model for isometric and isotonic muscle contractions    Original Research Article
Pages 1-10
R. De Vita, R. Grange, P. Nardinocchi, L. Teresi
The evolution of site-selection strategy during dispersal    Original Research Article
Pages 11-22
Tuomas Nurmi, Kalle Parvinen, Vesa Selonen
When is allergen immunotherapy effective?    Original Research Article
Pages 23-42
Akane Hara, Yoh Iwasa
Determining the role of inflammation in the selection of JAK2 mutant cells in myeloproliferative neoplasms    Original Research Article
Pages 43-52
Jie Zhang, Angela G. Fleischman, Dominik Wodarz, Natalia L. Komarova
Mathematical models of retinitis pigmentosa: The oxygen toxicity hypothesis    Original Research Article
Pages 53-71
Paul A. Roberts, Eamonn A. Gaffney, Philip J. Luthert, Alexander J.E. Foss, Helen M. Byrne

Graphical abstract

A theoretical analysis of anatomical and functional intestinal slow wave re-entry    Original Research Article
Pages 72-79
Peng Du, Gregory O'Grady, Leo K. Cheng
DBH: A de Bruijn graph-based heuristic method for clustering large-scale 16S rRNA sequences into OTUs    Original Research Article
Pages 80-87
Ze-Gang Wei, Shao-Wu Zhang
Mathematical descriptions of indeterminate growth    Original Research Article
Pages 88-96
Christopher D. Powell, Secundino López, André Dumas, Dominique P. Bureau, Sarah E. Hook, James France
PSSM-Suc: Accurately predicting succinylation using position specific scoring matrix into bigram for feature extraction    Original Research Article
Pages 97-102
Abdollah Dehzangi, Yosvany López, Sunil Pranit Lal, Ghazaleh Taherzadeh, Jacob Michaelson, Abdul Sattar, Tatsuhiko Tsunoda, Alok Sharma
Determining whether observed eukaryotic cell migration indicates chemotactic responsiveness or random chemokinetic motion    Original Research Article
Pages 103-112
A.C. Szatmary, R. Nossal

Graphical abstract

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