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Volume 438, Pages 1-174, 7 February 2018 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 438, Pages 1-174, 7 February 2018

Editorial Board   
Page ii
The evolution of pathogen virulence: Effects of transitions between host types    Original Research Article
Pages 1-8
Paul David Williams, Stephanie Jill Kamel
A mathematical model of nutrient influence on fungal competition    Original Research Article
Pages 9-20
M. Jabed A. Choudhury, Philip M. J. Trevelyan, Graeme P. Boswell
Tissue transport affects how treatment scheduling increases the efficacy of chemotherapeutic drugs    Original Research Article
Pages 21-33
Dan E. Ganz, Briana Sexton-Stallone, Emily L. Brackett, Neil S. Forbes
An integrated mathematical epithelial cell model for airway surface liquid regulation by mechanical forces    Original Research Article
Pages 34-45
Dan Wu, Richard C. Boucher, Brian Button, Timothy Elston, Ching-Long Lin
Centralities in simplicial complexes. Applications to protein interaction networks    Original Research Article
Pages 46-60
Ernesto Estrada, Grant J. Ross
Zero-determinant strategies in finitely repeated games    Original Research Article
Pages 61-77
Genki Ichinose, Naoki Masuda
An attempt to understand glioma stem cell biology through centrality analysis of a protein interaction network    Original Research Article
Pages 78-91
Mrinmay Kumar Mallik
Multi-step regulation of transcription kinetics explains the non-linear relation between RNA polymerase II density and mRNA expression in dosage compensation   
Pages 92-95
Pouria Dasmeh
The neuromorphological caudate–putaminal clustering of neostriate interneurons: Kohonen self–organizing maps and supervised artificial neural networks with multivariate analysis    Original Research Article
Pages 96-115
Ivan Grbatinić, Neboj'a Milo'ević, Bojana Krstono'ić
Bifurcation of a delayed Gause predator-prey model with Michaelis-Menten type harvesting    Original Research Article
Pages 116-132
Wei Liu, Yaolin Jiang
Scalar timing in memory: A temporal map in the hippocampus    Original Research Article
Pages 133-142
Sorinel A. Oprisan, Tristan Aft, Mona Buhusi, Catalin V. Buhusi
Temporal ordering of substitutions in RNA evolution: Uncovering the structural evolution of the Human Accelerated Region 1    Original Research Article
Pages 143-150
Maria Beatriz Walter Costa, Christian Höner zu Siederdissen, Dan Tulpan, Peter F. Stadler, Katja Nowick
Evolutionary isolation and phylogenetic diversity loss under random extinction events    Original Research Article
Pages 151-155
Mike Steel, Vahab Pourfaraj, Abhishek Chaudhary, Arne Mooers
A phenomenological analysis of eco-evolutionary coupling under dilution    Original Research Article
Pages 156-164
Vitor H. Sanches, Dhyan V.H. Kuraoka, Pedro R. Almeida, Carla Goldman
Competition of energy between active transport and vesicle fusion at the origin of intracellular gradient fields    Original Research Article
Pages 165-173
Pierre Pelcé

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