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Volume 446, Pages 1-260, 7 June 2018 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 446, Pages 1-260, 7 June 2018

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Page ii
Human sperm swimming in a high viscosity mucus analogue    Original Research Article
Pages 1-10
Kenta Ishimoto, Hermes Gadêlha, Eamonn A. Gaffney, David J. Smith, Jackson Kirkman-Brown
Nonlinear population dynamics in a bounded habitat    Original Research Article
Pages 11-18
E.H. Colombo, C. Anteneodo
Voluntary vaccinations and vaccine shortages: A theoretical analysis    Original Research Article
Pages 19-32
Frederick Chen
How spatial structure and neighbor uncertainty promote mutualists and weaken black queen effects    Original Research Article
Pages 33-60
Simon Maccracken Stump, Evan Curtis Johnson, Zepeng Sun, Christopher A. Klausmeier
A novel model for protein sequence similarity analysis based on spectral radius    Original Research Article
Pages 61-70
Chuanyan Wu, Rui Gao, Yang De Marinis, Yusen Zhang

Graphical abstract

Administration of temozolomide: Comparison of conventional and metronomic chemotherapy regimens    Original Research Article
Pages 71-78
Nicolas Houy, François Le Grand
Unraveling within-host signatures of dengue infection at the population level    Original Research Article
Pages 79-86
Ryan Nikin-Beers, Julie C Blackwood, Lauren M Childs, Stanca M Ciupe
Modelling the effects of bacterial cell state and spatial location on tuberculosis treatment: Insights from a hybrid multiscale cellular automaton model    Original Research Article
Pages 87-100
Ruth Bowness, Mark A.J. Chaplain, Gibin G. Powathil, Stephen H. Gillespie
What causes the spatial heterogeneity of bacterial flora in the intestine of zebrafish larvae?    Original Research Article
Pages 101-109
Jinyou Yang, Yuji Shimogonya, Takuji Ishikawa
In silico modeling of bone adaptation to rest-inserted loading: Strain energy density versus fluid flow as stimulus    Original Research Article
Pages 110-127
Abhishek Kumar Tiwari, Rakesh Kumar, Dharmendra Tripathi, Subham Badhyal
Evolutionary advantage of directional symmetry breaking in self-replicating polymers    Original Research Article
Pages 128-136
Hemachander Subramanian, Robert A. Gatenby

Graphical abstract

Within-host dynamics and random duration of pathogen infection: Implications for between-host transmission    Original Research Article
Pages 137-148
Heather M. Lindberg, Kurt A. McKean, T. Caraco, Ing-Nang Wang
Combination therapies and intra-tumoral competition: Insights from mathematical modeling    Original Research Article
Pages 149-159
Elena Piretto, Marcello Delitala, Mario Ferraro
Identifiability of tree-child phylogenetic networks under a probabilistic recombination-mutation model of evolution    Original Research Article
Pages 160-167
Andrew Francis, Vincent Moulton
Kinetic operational models of agonism for G-protein-coupled receptors    Original Research Article
Pages 168-204
Samuel R.J. Hoare, Nicolas Pierre, Arturo Gonzalez Moya, Brad Larson

Graphical abstract

The patella: A mechanical determinant of coordination during vertical jumping    Original Research Article
Pages 205-211
Daniel John Cleather
A parasitism–mutualism–predation model consisting of crows, cuckoos and cats with stage-structure and maturation delays on crows and cuckoos    Original Research Article
Pages 212-228
Yantao Luo, Long Zhang, Zhidong Teng, Donald L. DeAngelis
Simulation of blood and oxygen distributions in a hepatic lobule with sinusoids obstructed by cancer cells    Original Research Article
Pages 229-237
Weiping Ding, Sen Liu, Shibo Li, Duobiao Ge, Fenfen Li, Dayong Gao
A computational model integrating brain electrophysiology and metabolism highlights the key role of extracellular potassium and oxygen    Original Research Article
Pages 238-258
D. Calvetti, G. Capo Rangel, L. Gerardo Giorda, E. Somersalo
Corrigendum to “A 3D electro-mechanical continuum model for simulating skeletal muscle contraction”, J. Theor. Biol. 335 (2013) 108–118   
Page 259
J.M. López, J. Herrero, D. Puigjaner, G. Fortuny
Corrigendum to ``Bacterial cell cycle classification. Application to DNA synthesis and DNA content at any cell age'' [Journal of Theoretical Biology 419 (2017) 8–12]   
Page 260
Alfonso Jiménez-Sánchez

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