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Volume 418, Pages 1-138, 7 April 2017 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 418, Pages 1-138, 7 April 2017

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Page IFC
Quantifying the relationship between cell division angle and morphogenesis through computational modeling    Original Research Article
Pages 1-7
Emma Lejeune, Christian Linder
An epidemiological model of internet worms with hierarchical dispersal and spatial clustering of hosts    Original Research Article
Pages 8-15
David E. Hiebeler, Andrew Audibert, Emma Strubell, Isaac J. Michaud
Bone remodeling as a spatial evolutionary game    Original Research Article
Pages 16-26
Marc D. Ryser, Kevin A. Murgas
Desertification by front propagation?    Original Research Article
Pages 27-35
Yuval R. Zelnik, Hannes Uecker, Ulrike Feudel, Ehud Meron
Mathematical modelling of cell layer growth in a hollow fibre bioreactor    Original Research Article
Pages 36-56
Lloyd A.C. Chapman, Jonathan P. Whiteley, Helen M. Byrne, Sarah L. Waters, Rebecca J. Shipley
The dynamics of disease in a metapopulation: The role of dispersal range    Original Research Article
Pages 57-65
Ace R. North, H. Charles J. Godfray
Mathematical investigation of diabetically impaired ultradian oscillations in the glucose–insulin regulation    Original Research Article
Pages 66-76
B. Huard, A. Bridgewater, M. Angelova
Sequence-based discrimination of protein-RNA interacting residues using a probabilistic approach    Original Research Article
Pages 77-83
Priyadarshini P. Pai, Tirtharaj Dash, Sukanta Mondal

Graphical abstract

Sequence comparison and essential gene identification with new inter-nucleotide distance sequences    Original Research Article
Pages 84-93
Yushuang Li, Yanfen Lv, Xiaonan Li, Wenli Xiao, Chun Li
Positive effect of Mdm2 on p53 expression explains excitability of p53 in response to DNA damage    Original Research Article
Pages 94-104
Ján Eliaš
Advancing the prediction accuracy of protein-protein interactions by utilizing evolutionary information from position-specific scoring matrix and ensemble classifier    Original Research Article
Pages 105-110
Lei Wang, Zhu-Hong You, Shi-Xiong Xia, Feng Liu, Xing Chen, Xin Yan, Yong Zhou
In silico enhancement of the stability and activity of keratinocyte growth factor    Original Research Article
Pages 111-121
Mansour Poorebrahim, Solmaz Sadeghi, Raziyeh Ghorbani, Matin Asghari, Mohammad Foad Abazari, Hourieh Kalhor, Hamzeh Rahimi
Application of the median method to estimate the kinetic constants of the substrate uncompetitive inhibition equation    Original Research Article
Pages 122-128
Pedro L. Valencia, Carolina Astudillo-Castro, Diego Gajardo, Sebastián Flores

Graphical abstract

Fast algorithm for the reconciliation of gene trees and LGT networks    Original Research Article
Pages 129-137
Celine Scornavacca, Joan Carles Pons Mayol, Gabriel Cardona

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